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Download/Listen to new mixtape bt Raysun The One feat Stumik of Ice Water

News Stories - Wu Familia

Written by windwalker Friday, 25 May 2012 13:22


Staten All Stars ft. Donny Cacsh, Stumik, Nina The Coroner
By: Raysun The One

Ghostface Killah Is a New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answer

News Stories - GhostfaceKillah

Written by windwalker Tuesday, 08 May 2012 15:57

New York Times crossword puzzle devotees got hit in the head with Ghostface Killah this morning as the wu-tang Clan member's name was used in the New York Times crossword puzzle!


New York Times crossword puzzle devotees got hit in the head with Ghostface Killah this morning as the Wu-Tang Clan member's name was used in the New York Times crossword puzzle! The clue was "Rapper who came to prominence as a member of the wu-tang Clan," and there were so many boxes that you could fit most of the rest of the Clan in there (RZA, GZA, U-God, ODB).

The puzzle, written by Brown University junior Guy Tabachnick, was scrutinzed by Rex Parker, a popular crossword puzzle blogger, who thinks that older people won't understand the clue: "I do, however, feel for the tens of thousands of regular crossword solvers who will never have heard of Ghostface Killah. That's a lot of grid territory to concede to someone who is gonna be virtually unknown to (I'm just guessing here) *most* crossword solvers over 50. Just a guess. I'll be thrilled to be wrong. I've been on the other side of this musical / pop cultural equation, and it's not always pleasant. I hope that at least the sheer wackiness of the guy's name brings you at least some measure of happiness."

Old people aren't the only ones caught on the other side of a "musical / pop cultural equation." This kid, who appeared on Teen Jeopardy on May 3, just became a footnote in the musical ignorance history books.


Q&A with Cappadonna of the wu-tang Clan (Interview by

Interviews - Wu Familia

Written by windwalker Thursday, 08 March 2012 21:02

Q&A with Cappadonna of the wu-tang Clan  by


Cappadonna, the official tenth member of the Wu-Tang Clan is quite the character. I’ve heard stories about Cappa mysteriously disappearing with strangers for hours at a time and returning just in time to rock shows with the Clan. A few years ago Cappa dipped from the rap world and drove a cab in the streets of Baltimore—not a glamorous gig for a rap star.

Cappadonna’s rhyme style mirrors his life. On Ghostface’s Wu Banga 101 Cap seemed out of place and off-beat alongside his Wu brethren, while on the wu-tang Clan’s The Jump Off he quietly spits fire:

“You might see me in a 6, that’s not my style/You might see me with a bitch that’s not my child/I’ll be in the Benzo, keep a low profile/Dead serious, takes flicks and don’t smile/Trying to get money, y’all cats are wild/I pose for the clothes, make a song like, wow/I’m a chip off the board game, got sword game/Live life to the fullest, still want more fame/Darts on layaway, beats on stand by/Outfits pressed up, ready for anti.”


Cappadonna is currently on the road headlining the Black Cloud tour for the month of March. Cappa is joined by Block McCloud, Kromeatose, King Magnetic, and GQ Nothin’ Pretty on the Black Cloud tour. Edo G and Sean Price are scheduled to perform on select dates.

I spoke with Cappadonna about some of his most famous verses, his latest album The Pilgrimage, the upcoming Wu-Block album, and about the Black Cloud tour.

SS: Why’d you name the album The Pilgrimage?

Cappadonna: I named the album The Pilgrimage because pilgrimage means journey. That’s the journey that I’ve been taking all of my life in Hip-Hop—even journey’s within journeys. In order to get something you never had you gotta do something you never did. Within that journey you meet people that get us to that next level; it might be a publicist, a manager or a producer. It’s not a whole project that I created myself. It’s about the all in all and all of the experiences that I’ve experienced in my life to get me to where I’m trying to get to--that’s what The Pilgrimage is about. It’s just like the yellow brick road, big boy! You got Toto and Dorothy and all of them. They was on that yellow brick road searching and searching. They all was searching for something, lord. Even when they got to the Wizard they find out that he ain’t even who he say he was! At the end of the day it helped him get home. They got home but they had to fight a couple of witches and a couple of flying monkeys and all of that, but in the end they got tighter with each other. They accomplished what they were trying to accomplish but what they found out was what they were searching for all of the while they already had inside of them all along.

SS: The Pilgrimage seemed to have more spiritual lyrics than your past rhymes. Why’d you decide to take that route for this album?

Cappadonna: Everything is based upon a spirit, man. Even the word, that’s why they say the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. In the beginning was the word, but then all of these things are in the word. That’s what gives you the feeling and that’s the spark of energy and the word that keeps everybody together. That’s why music is a universal language. They don’t even call it a sound all the time, they consider it a language. This is how I speak to the masses. Even the beat gets them sometimes. They can tell by the flow of the words if it’s aggressive, kind, or if there is a statement being made. They can almost feel within their spirit the message and the way it touches their soul. That’s why they say music soothes the soul of the savage beast in you. You just gotta find out what that is and what kind of frequency you’re on that’s going to be able to allow you to obtain that kind of ability to achieve that greater success, which is happiness.

SS: How’d you come up with the story for Cuban Link Kings?

Cappadonna: Cuban Link Kings is based upon a true story. The Cuban link chain represents the strength and unity of the brothers. It’s supposed to be the strongest link—the unbreakable chain. That’s the ideology and the foundation of the chain. The sexiest and most expensive elements was always the better choice and the better look for it. At the same time that link is the link that I’m using to get a hold of everybody, especially the young knuckleheads out there. We’re kings, we’ve been tight for so long in the eyes of the public and also with each other. We’ve been friends since kindergarten. That gives everybody a clear picture and a view of why we’re kings at being Cuban links. That’s the same energy that brought us together with Queens. I talk about Nas on there and Mobb Deep, we just went on a tour with them for a month recently tearing it down. After that we were out with Sheek Louch and them and we did something with them called Wu-Block. You see how the links keep connecting to each brother? We’re the kings of showing unity that’s why we’re those teachers and front-line generals that’s out there that’s chosen, tested, tried, and denied over and over again that we shall overcome and keep giving y’all these virtuals so you that y’all can go head and get through these funky obstacles in life, you dig?

SS: I dig, man. You mentioned Wu-Block, when can fans expect to hear that album?

Cappadonna: For more information on that go to,, or We got half of the project done then it was a halt. I haven’t really gotten any more information on that. It was definitely being worked on, we was definitely together, setting it off, and getting ready for this 2012 onslaught.

SS: Meth and Deck both said that you taught them to rhyme. Explain exactly how you taught them to spit.

Cappadonna: My single on the album is A-Alike, B-Alike, C-Alike and I made that in reference to how we associate ourselves with one another. We A-Alike because we’re moving on that same path, we B-Alike because we have that ability to build with each other, and we C-Alike because we agree on the majority of things in life. They might feel like I taught them but we’ve been teaching each other all along. By them giving me the ability and the strength to be able to produce these sermons to them and give them some knowledge of what I know that they might not have had before, they’re giving me the chance to discover something even greater than me giving them pointers on how to hold the mic, build up their steam, or approach the crowd. As you get older you lose value and relevancy in the world. The blessing is being able to pass that on and being able to have the next man behind you saying, “Yo, he taught me this,” I don’t take any credit for that. That’s almighty God that gave me the ability, power, grace, and mercy so I can be able to pass on what he passed on to me so I can pass it to the next man. Those is merits and treasures un-measurable. That’s the money that you can stack up that you can’t spend. You dig? Save a life, it’s better than saving a dollar.

SS: You have some memorable verses on songs like Winter Warz and '97 Mentality. Take me into your mind state when you spit those rhymes.

Cappadonna: It was the mentality itself. Winter Warz represented a cold winter. You know what they say, work when the weather is good so when it’s cold you can do what you could. That’s a season of the vick because a lot of people were trying to get what they needed to get at that time. It was back to school and when you were a kid and winter time came you had your little summertime money to look fresh for the new year. The wolves come out and they wait for you at the stores with your little check to get your new clothes and they take that. That’s what the winter war is about. Everybody is trying to get up out of that cold. It was a good period of time, too because I was just getting out of the cold myself. I was just getting out of jail which is a cold ass world. My mind was fresh, free, and I was flowing. That was one of the greatest 80 bars that I ever threw on any kind of track. The world felt it. They felt it in me and they felt it in themselves. That’s what made it a success, it wasn’t just me. It was the many people that got touched by it that made it an official winter war, the same with the ‘97 Mentality. That was like the best year of our lives. We were just coming into success and creating entities and corporations out of our homegrown made from scratch style of rhyming, way of living, culture, and reality. We brought it all into one thing and put God in the midst of all of it. He approved of it, got behind it and pushed with us. There you have it, yo, another child is born.

SS: You’re currently on the road on the Black cloud tour. The term “Black Cloud” has a negative connotation, why name the tour the Black Cloud tour?

Cappadonna: Yeah, I thought about that, too. I thought about the black cloud and its negative connotation but the black cloud is only there so we can understand the value of the morning to come—the new day, the new light. Everything that was great came out of the dark. The dark existed first. Out of that darkness spun numerous amounts of clusters of light. Not for nothing, I’m a Virgo and the first cluster is called the Virgo cluster. How about that? It formed many galaxies and clusters of light. Every thought, every vision, and everything that exists in the world today came out of the dark. Deep in the depths of the mind the simplest thing like a top, a can opener, a jar, a speaker, a wheel, a car, a tire, a fan, or a thumb tack are created. The mind created the computer but the computer is controlling the mind now. That’s how fragile the mind can be. When you download something you think you’re really getting information from the computer but the computer is an outlet that attaches everyone’s mind together. That’s what creates the one world order. Now you can just download any question or anything and you’re not just getting the answer from your man. Now you don’t have to go anywhere, ask your man or read a book. You can get the answer there by pressing go and that thing will go out into the u-n-i-verse. It might hit somebody on Mars, you don’t even know if an alien answered your question.


Method Man Talks wu-tang & Odd Future Comparisons, New Music & Acting

News Stories - MethodMan

Written by windwalker Monday, 27 February 2012 01:58

Odd Future and wu-tang Clan both have crowded family trees with many members, but Method Man doesn’t think comparisons between the groups make any sense.

“Only idiots do [make comparisons between wu-tang and Odd Future],” Meth recently told Global Grind. “I think it just makes it easier for people to comprehend if they can compare it to something else.”

The two groups will be performing at the Paid Dues Festival on April 7 in San Bernardino, California. Also scheduled to perform at the venue are former XXL Freshmen Crooked I, Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar in addition to Three-6 Mafia and DJ Quik.

However, news of wu-tang even being there, caught Meth off guard.

“The what tour?” Meth asked GlobalGrind. “I’m always the last to know about these things.”

During the same interview, Johnny Blaze also mentioned that he’s working on a new album, although he doesn’t know what label the project will be on.

“Right now, I’m working on my mix CD and my album,” Meth continued. “I don’t know what label it’s going to be on. I think me and Def Jam — I don’t know what they doing over there.”

In related news, the independent film, The Mortician, in which Meth plays the lead role, was released on DVD last week. Of course, Meth’s film credits include co-starring with his rhyme partner in crime Redman in the 2001 stoner comedy, How High, and alongside Snoop Dogg in Soul Plane (2004). The Mortician also stars Dash Mihok, who appeared in The Day After Tomorrow and I Am Legend.—Nicholas Sella



Kofi Black - I Love Your Crazy Feat. Raekwon

News Stories - Raekwon

Written by windwalker Friday, 10 February 2012 04:55

Music by

Album: Love Sick (Mixtape)

Label: Ice H20 Records

"I Love You Crazy" is the brand new single from rapper Raekwon's new R&B artist Kofi Black. The female dedication record, which also feature a solid lyrical jumpstart from the wu-tang Clan veteran, boast a warm instrumentation and catchy lyrics; just in time for Valentine's day.

"You got an attitude, you be pushing my buttons making me mad at you, wouldn't trade you for anything in this world, you crazy as hell but I still love you girl," Kofi sings of his special lady.

26-year-old Kofi Black is a self trained singer, songwriter and producer (completely self-taught on the piano, drums and bass guitar). He will release his introduction mixtape, 'Love Sick,' on March 5th.

"I just want people to know that I gave it my all. This is me. This is the real me. I'm not faking it to make it. This is the real Kofi Black," he states.



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