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Artist: Ghostface
Interviewer: Da Metrognome

Ghostface. The name alone conjures up a little something in nearly any Hip Hop fan’s mind, ranging from brilliant, lyrical, or obscure to Wu Tang, wack, or just plain weird. His longevity has been built upon his hardcore fan base, and this Staten Island emcee is still gaining momentum. From Ironman through Supreme Clientele, Ghost might be peaking at the right time with Fishscale. With unparalleled wordplay and a stream-of-consciousness style flow, the lethal-tongued Tony Starks can turn listeners on or off within the matter of a single sentence. SoundSlam only had a few minutes to get down with the Ghostface Killah, but he shouldn’t be slept on. Check out what he thinks about today’s rapper beef, DJ’s involved in payola, and why love prevails over hate. Here’s a small glass of water for those of you that are thirsty! Check it.

SoundSlam: Alright, so Fishscale, the new project, is highly anticipated. Now, the name itself suggests some coded gangster sh*t. What’s the main objective of the album in your eyes?

Ghostface: Ain’t nothin’, I just wanna let brothers know that for the new cats out there, you know, where hip hop used to be. At the same time, it’s got a kind of grimy street edge on it, you know what I mean, but it’s got that feel that I know I miss. But at the same time, these little kids nowadays, because it’s the meek that are inheriting the earth now, but what they’re inheriting doesn’t really have any feeling to it. And I’m not knockin’ nothin’, know what I mean, but it really has no feeling to it. Back in the days, our music that we came up on had a lot of feeling in it and right now everything is straight from the brain and not really from the heart. So, I just really wanted to give them a taste of the musical side and the lyrical content. Regardless of what the content is, I’m not sayin’ all mine is clean content, because as you know, it’s fishscale. I gots to go in on fishscale. I just want these people, like a lot of these kids out here, they might not even really know me like that because the game changed so much. But, they must know because it’s like ‘if you don’t know your history, son, you ain’t gonna know where you are going’, so right now, they are caught up with everything they see like on 106th and Park and all that, and thinking that’s really the truth. I mean, a lot of them aren’t even knowing and haven’t ever heard like Kool G. Rap, you know what I mean. Sh*t like that. So, I just wanna give them a dose of some real sh*t a little bit and some other sh*t here and there… just let them live with that and digest that for a change and say ‘let me see what’s up’ and all that.’ Plus, a lot of my real people, they miss a lot of that real sh*t, too, and especially where it came from. So, it’s like, I just wanna hit ‘em with that glass of water you’ve been thirstin’ for. Here you go, take that until the next time, know what I mean.

SoundSlam: No doubt. Okay, you and Rae, as well as Kool G. Rap, were really the first to present that whole Mafioso allure and lifestyle. Now, braggadocio and masculinity have always played a role in Hip Hop, but explain the differences between how you depict it and how cats like “Mr. How-To-Rob” (50 Cent) do it.

Ghostface: Yeah, rap right now is like wrestling, G. I mean, that’s just like some other type of entertainment, you know? It’s like, even with the names n***as got and the games they playin’ right now because it’s like, yo G, for somebody to go at you or talk about your moms, whatever, whatever, n***as be gettin’ killed right now, G. This is real s*t, man. Words can kill, man, especially when you comin’ at the wrong people with all that bullsh*t. At the same time, the reason I say it’s more or less wrestling, you might f**k around and be goin’ at it with a n***a and then the next day, it’s like, yo, y’all n***as be on some real shaking-hands sh*t after a n***a been mad disrespectful. Either you’re gonna just bow out gracefully and just chill and don’t say nothin’ or it’s like, ‘yo dogg, man, when I see you, I’m gonna have to f**k around and knock your f**kin’ teeth out or somethin’… that’s how I feel, you know what I mean? But yeah, the game is definitely taken out of context. Like I said, when we came back in the days, we was gorillas with our sh*t. We were savages, know what I mean, just fiendin’ for blood, for whatever, whatever, whatever. But, as time goes on, son, you mature. Tony Starks matured right now into a grown man. Doing what I was doing back then, just doing sh*t without thinking… startin’, jabbin’ n***as, whatever you wanna call it… but you get older, got babies, man, and I learned that you can’t mix pork with beef, G. Do this or do that. And I can’t risk for me coming from somethin’ that didn’t really have nothin’, you can’t risk it over just a bunch of street sh*t. But when a n***a f**k around and get too disrespectful, I’d rather see you… see, I can’t argue… my voice go out arguing too much and all that other sh*t. I can’t even argue with my girl, but when I see you, it’s gonna be on. So, it’s like yo, I don’t know what’s up with n***as though, but what it is in the game, especially for the East coast n***as, we too serious, man. We live with a frown, we wake up with a frown. And you not liking me for whatever reason… man, I don’t even know you, but I know that love beats hate any day, and that’s how come you got the South winnin’ right now. They represent for each other, they in each other’s videos, they do this and that, they support each other and they chillin’. And n***as in Atlanta right now, it’s like it’s ’88… it’s like our good ol’ days back then. They havin’ the time of they life right now, but it’s like, what goes around comes around. It was they time and that’s why you can’t knock ‘em for that. I love them n***as because they havin’ fun with it. They gonna start going through they little war times, too, but right now, they winnin’. We over here hatin’ and we let that sh*t come through. I mean, a lot of the DJ’s let that sh*t slip through because n***as be gettin’ paid off just to play a little Master P record. I remember when it was like, ‘yo, hold on, where the f**k this come from, we ain’t never been bouncin’ before’ but now when I go to Alabama, I can’t get even not one spin. They play all they own sh*t, they don’t play no New York sh*t from out of town.

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