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One of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, U-God personifies what an emcee dreams to be. Rooted in the history of the culture, apart of something bigger then themselves and wiser through time and experiences. Though not all things in his career have been positive, business has created a rift between once good friends, lack of credit for contributions to the game and the shaft for other artists. Through it all, he may be sour, but he has a good natured intent at heart. Willing to put it all out there on his sleeve , U-God takes us inside the mind of "Mr. Xcitement."

First, I gotta say thank you, back when I had Shoalin Style on Playstation, I would kick ass with you, break everybody down.


The album has been out, how do you feel its been accepted by fans?

Im in the clear man I dont really care, haha. You think I really care about what people think or how they feel about my music? Im doing something new, I just put out two albums without Rza being involved in my album. Thats a goal I set for myself. As far as me developing as an artist, time will tell. Im not really concerned our situation as yall people in the media are concerned with. Im not concerned with ratings in magazines, Im not concerned with any of that shit cause a lot of yall dudes rate albums and albums come out successful so its like your opinion is like an asshole, everyones got one.

So if I were to say I liked it, which I did, would that be a bad thing?

Well, Im saying, thats your opinion, I know a lot of people coming back and forth at me, with their opinions on the album, you just happened to be one of the open minded dudes, I guess. Thats what it is. As far as the overall view of the album, its selling, its out there, its out there jigglin. About to put the video out, bout to hit the waves, its gonna hit whatever, whatever, whatever. As far as what its gonna do, I dont know, but Im not gonna stop, Im still gonna put out albums, Im getting ready to put out an EP in another couple of months, so Im just gonna keep hitting yall. If you look at my track record, you can see my exposure with Wu-Tang hasnt been that great, its not my fault, its the person who was running that shit, which we all ready know who that is. I had a situation of, hes telling me hes responsible for my career, now hes telling me he dont wanna be responsible for my career, I had to take my career into my own hands.

By "he" do you mean Rza or someone else?

Naw, its Rza, thats the one whos controlling my career. Rza is the one controlling everyones career really. To me, he just didnt represent me good enough in my career. Hes more or less worried about his own self or whatever hes fucking worried about. He wasnt worried about my shit, thats why dudes are out here like me doing it up right now.

So there are some problems with Wu-Tang on a business level, a person level?

Its a little bit of both, you got cats like Rae, Ghost and Meth and Genius whos always exposed. Then you got Me, Masta Killah and Deck, who aint get no exposure. So if you take the track record, me and Deck, we the jump off dudes, we the dudes that lead, soon as you hear the track we come in the door but were not getting as much exposure and right now in my career thats fucking me up cuz dudes dont really respect me like that. So then I go out and get my respect. Meanwhile, Rza, he wanna put out Sun of Man, he wanna put out these dudes, all these other dudes I dont even know from a fucking hole in the ground before the dude even came out with a record, but as time goes on I got to know a couple of my brothers Prodigal Sun and certain people I got respect for, but at the same time, he aint making good decisions, to me, thats just my opinion. He ain’t make good decisions and he ain’t do certain things he ain’t supposed to had did. He said Wu-Tang was gonna drop an album and it was gonna go in a circle, ready to roll. But as you turn around and look at it, the same dudes kept coming with the same albums. Rae, Ghost, Meth, Rae, Ghost, Meth, Genius. The same dudes! I feel like I was not apart of it, I wasnt gonna be a part of doing what I want to do. We all came in this rap game to be starts, eat, feed our children. It didnt go that way. In some peoples mind I felt they didn’t want me to become a star. They dont want me to become this so a nigga did something, its time to take my career in my own hands, so here I am, 10-13 years later starting my shit like Im starting all over from scratch again. Im not bitter, but I learned a lot of shit. I learned from a lot of situations where, I cant trust nobody with my shit no more. I cant look to them to blow me up. I don’t feel like he can do the job I can do by myself.

What tracks do you feel really proud of?

"Long Time Ago", "Hit Em Up", "Talking to You","You Dont Want To Dance", I got a couple on there man. The crazy thing about it is, thats the only thing. The reason that album came out like this, I have no money, I have no money to pay for samples, haha. If I had money to pay for samples man, my album would have came out 10 times more treacherous then what it sounds like now. Im missing about 8 songs on the album that I had to put back on there that shouldnt have made the album, but the ones with samples, I couldn’t put em on there. I had to take them off and put the ones with no samples on there. Thats not my best, I would say. But thats some good shit on there, dont get me wrong


Im definitely adventurous with my music, the way I had it the first time would of shook motherfuckas. It would of been no questioning it. I had more Wu orientated tracks that Im known for having. But this time I couldn’t ut em on there so I was like fuck it I gotta put something on there anyways. But Im still holding on to 70 fucking songs.

The song "Dont Love The Drugs" is very personal, what can you tell me about the track and how it came to be?

That story I put in front of it basically explains the situation. My life, before I became a rapper, I used to sell narcotics, Im a convicted felon from a narcotics and firearms possession, check my record, I aint glorifying, Im just saying Im official, real with it, that lifes behind me. But the dude that was sitting around getting me all the customers, that was my dog he used to come up to me everyday. "I love the drugs and the drugs love me." So, when I heard my man finally kicked the bucket, I fucked around and said "you know what? Im gonna dedicate one of the songs for my man who on the block and used to run the drugs with me." Over time, it turned into a drug rehabilitating song, thats basically the message. Im a narcotic abuser too, I smoke a lot of weed, I drink a little bit, but thats as far as I go, back in the day it wasnt that, I was hooked on drugs too. I got taken off the heavier drugs and Im down to the lighter ones, I got one little drug bad habit, marijuana. I managed to get out of the ghetto with one little bad habit, thats to smoke weed. In comparison to all the other people who didn’t make it, who are hooked on heavier drugs.

I think my favorite track is "Heart of Stone" where you have a part that goes like "The streets is like Satan, Im from the Hill / Cuz people keep hating, cuz I score at will / Dont fuck with new niggas, I figured they wired / I set em on fire, like the name was Pryor." I just thought that was hilarious but it inspired my next question. What new emcees do you listen to right now?

Common Sense, thats the only dude that I probably would listen to. Hes got substance in his rhymes, I like a dude that rhymes with substance, not about how much money hes got, like this 50 Cent, faggot ass nigga, running around with all this damn money and he mad at the world. You a rich dude, fuck you still mad at everybody for? He just made a hundred million dollars, what the fuck you mad for? Whats going on? You got out the hood, you got shot 9 times and you got on with ya self and you still mad?

I see ya point, hes getting a little prissy.

See now its getting to the point youre getting pussy with it. Come on dude, then you tryna take Wus style and for your own G-Unit. If there wasnt no Wu-Tang there wouldnt be no fucking Cash Money, there wouldnt be no Roc-a-fella, there wouldnt have been none of this other shit if there never would of been Wu-Tang man. There wouldn’t be no Ruff Ryders, none of that if it without a fucking Wu-Tang, we the ones who gave birth to the groups and we don’t get no motherfucker love? Yea we go through our own hell and Im pretty sure that them dudes thats down with them clicks, theyre gonna go through there own shit too. It look good on the outside, but internally, theres some other shit going on, trust me.

Well you see it today, No Limit, gone, Ruff Ryders, done, Roc-a-fella split up, State Property, done, G-Unit, beef.

G-Unit got beef internally?

Well, Game was in it, then he left and defected.

That was on some other shit though that we probably wont know until they fall apart. Everybody has it, what I learned is, when you in ya hay-day, ya in ya prime, you got the world in ya hands, people have a tendency to give niggas they ass to kiss. Thats what Wu-Tang did and we learned out lesson from that, I just keep seeing the same dudes doing the same shit over and over again. They coming out of retirement, why they coming out of retirement? When you had the Roc popping and all that shit, it was all about you. But as soon as ya’ll niggas split, here come the sharks, to bite ya’ll niggas asses and pull you apart now. You trying to fight the forces that be by ya self now. It’s like, when dudes is on top, dudes need to be a little more humble wit themselves because after the top, ain’t nothing but going downwards man. Not many motherfuckers can stick around like us, even though we lost a member God rest Dead Dirty, we still here dog, we still here, the world is looking for us to come back to take this shit over again but if we don’t get our shit internally right and spiritually right, it ain’t gonna happen for us neither and that’s the shit I’m tryna say to my man Rza but that’s another story and that’s another time and after I finish having a little sit down and talk with the dude, come get another interview and I’ll tell you how it went. Haha!

Its been said that Wu Tang has been the best group in raps history, consistently bringing good songs, will there ever be another group album?

As far as Wu-Tang, we’re trying to get that together now dog, I wanna get another album out. Me, I don’t like to lose, you talking to a motherfucker who’s a very bad competitor. I don’t like to lose that’s why I cant stand the fact of how my career is right now, that’s why im soured by a lot of shit. At the same time, yea we’re gonna try and get together another album, but , like I said ya man Rza, he’s gotta do a lot of things, he’s got to do a lot of soul searching. I done found myself, he has to find himself, he gotta realize who he really is because he be hiding behind a lot of dope dudes and I don’t think he knows who the fuck he is right now. Yea, he’s a 5%er, he wanna talk about he’s G-O-D an all this fly shit, but really, internally, I don’t think he knows who the fuck he is. Somewhere down the line he lost himself through all this shit, at one time he knew who he was. It’s easy to get ya spirit lost, in the midst of confusion, media, jealousy , envy, lust, pain and hate and egos and pride, you gonna lose yourself, you don’t know who you are no more. Then you gotta go back and try to find yourself in the midst of all that shit.

You mentioned being a 5%er, you’re still affiliated right? You ain’t quit did you?

We all 5%er, we ain’t never quit, you born black motherfucker. You are who you are.

Well you mentioned he was kinda gassed up saying he was G-O-D and all that.

Naw, see what I was saying about him being a 5%er I mean, he knows the truth about the world, but like I was saying, then you lose touch with yourself! I don’t care if he studies 120 degree lessons and knows that shit back and forth and you know how the White Man kidnaped up and brung us here in slavery you know somewhere down the line you lose yourself! In the midst of all that. You understand what I’m saying?

Yea, I understand.

I wanna say something, I don’t like talking to reporters man cause I can say something very fucking important and when I read the article the motherfucker come out twisted on some other shit cause they thought it was this and they thought it was that and it wasn’t right. That’s the reason I don’t like doing a lot of interviews with dudes. Cause they all twist my words and have me like the fucking villain.

Well I’ll tell you now, you check out this site, it’s my word, we do it quote for quote, no bullshit, this is it, nothing changed.

Well I’m happy you said that because I’m not saying the white dudes is 5%, cause once you become a 5%, you can’t deny knowledge, knowledge is with you forever. You can get lost along the way, a person can lose himself, they can become rich, powerful and famous, but they way you became powerful and famous is this. I’m not saying that’s what happened to Rza, I’m saying if you became this powerful and famous by stabbing niggas in the back and doing all this underhanded shit, by the time you turn around you ain’t got no more friends, you ain’t got no people who love you, you missing a lot of other shit, somewhere down the line, you lost yourself. You understand what I’m saying?

I do, I get what you’re saying

I’m not saying that’s what happened to Rza, I’m just giving you an example of how a person can lose themselves. You can have all the money in the world and be lonely as fuck, why? Because you sold your soul to get that and along the way you lost all your good friends, all the niggas that supported you and believed in you. Same thing with Ray Charles, remember in the movie, his man was taking from him because he fucked around and gave the other nigga better positions than him and this dude been down with the nigga since day motherfuckin’ one? He just gave up on him, that’s exactly what I’m saying about how a person can lose himself along the struggle

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