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Ghostface Killah raps Granada
By DeJuan Atway, Fred Davis (Contact)
Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some might know him as the Ironman, Others have heard of him as Tony Starks. Regardless of the moniker applied to one of the smoothest lyricists in hip-hop, Ghostface Killah’s sometimes rapid, often refreshing but never duplicated delivery and style was in full effect Tuesday night at the Granada.

On tour supporting his new album “Fishscale”, which Ghost described as the “new cocaine,” the Wu-Tang Clan veteran headlined a show that featured two of his Theodore Unit members, Trife Da God and Solomon Childs, as well as M1 of Dead Prez and Umi. Local acts Tech N9ne and Scatter & Snug opened the show.

After the police-bashing, revolutionary rants from M1 and the three song filler from his Theodore Unit members, the Staten Island native finally made his long-awaited entrance to the stage. Rapping as he came in, Ghost then appologized to the crowd for his tardy arrival ­­— a delayed flight from NYC where he was appearing on BET’s Rap City and doing other “stuff” caused the hang-up.

For nearly an hour on stage, Ghost sifted through songs from all four of his previous albums as well as Wu-Tang classics like “Ice Cream” and “Protect Ya Neck.” Ghost also had the crowd observe a five-second moment of silence for the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Ghost then lead the crowd in a rendition of ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya.”

In a night that was reserved not only for musical performances, midway through his set, Ghost invited the girls in the crowd to the stage to dance alongside him. With the girls on stage, Ghost offered $100 ‘beans’ — along with money being thrown from the crowd — to the girl with the best breasts. No girl chose to participate.

After the show was over, Ghost was cordial enough to spend a few minutes answering questions about his tour, a new Wu-Tang album and his movie career.

UDK: How’s the road treating you right now?

Ghost: Ahh, ya knows it’s good. It’s kinda tiring right now cause there’s a show everyday, we goin’ back to back. But ya know, I’m just gettin’ my voice ready for when the album drop, so we can just go in.

UDK: Speaking of that new album, you got that new album dropping in two weeks— what do you think of it and how’s it compare to the other for you’ve dropped already?

Ghost: I mean, it’s just another outdog of me, ya know what I mean, I just do what I do, ain’t nothing really too big – it’s a mixture of all my albums mixed into one though; it’s just some more ghostface.

UDK: What’s your favorite album you’ve done to date?

Ghost: I don’t know, you know what I mean — that’s like asking me which one of my kids I like the best. I can’t say it.

UDK: Do you feel underappreciated as a lyricist? You know, you got guys like 50 Cent getting out in the mainstream more than you— but aren’t near as good lyrically as you. Do you feel underrated in the game?

Ghost: You know I used to, but now I don’t let that get to my head, because it is what is — and at the end of the day all the real fans know what time it is — ya know what I mean, it’s like I’m just takin’ it step by step, doin’ what I do. Some brothers get their light early, some brothers get their light last – whatever gets ‘em on that train. But it’s all good though, I’m just happy to be doin’ what I’m doin’.

UDK: What’s the status of the Wu-Tang Clan right now?

Ghost: It is alright, we just did the tour, 14 days we was out, did 11 shows, brothas is chillin’. Raekwon’s working on his Cuban Linx, Meth is workin on his (stuff), doin’ his (stuff), Master Killah, I just did a song with him for his album. Ya know, we gonna do a new Wu album next year sometime, ya know, we gotta pre-plan it, we gotta take like three months, put the other (stuff) aside, whether it’s March, April or May, go record that and get back to what we was dealin’ with.

UDK: Speaking of that Cuban Linx II, you drop any tracks on that?

Ghost: Yes, I just finished up like four tracks for Rae, ya know what I mean, I’m supposed to get some more though, but you know, I’m on the road right now.

UDK: Any idea when that album might drop?

Ghost: It’s suppposed to drop in the summertime. I don’t know what date, they always switchin’ dates.

UDK: Finally, as I understand it, you like to write movies. When are we gonna see a Ghostface movie?

Ghost: Uhmmm, ya’ll gonna see a Ghostface movie this year or the top of next year. Ya know, eventually they gon’ put this money up for my movie called “Raccoons” coming out on Starks Films. We just waitin’ on one more guy for the letter of intent of his commitment, and then we can start shootin’ probably whenever we got free time when I’m off the road.

— Edited by Kathryn Anderson

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