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Ghostface Killah: Mature, Focused and Elevating Hip Hop

By davey D

We sat down with Wu member Ghostface Killah and had an enlightening conversation about the current state of Hip Hop, the role he now needs to play as a rapper and as a Black man trying to uplift the community and his new album ‘Fishscales’.

Ghostface talks about the big changes he’s made in his life including giving[img] up weed and becoming diabetic. He talks about how he’s become more mature and focused and how he has made a committment to reach out beyond the usual crime and murder raps that put him on the map.

His new album definitely has songs in that vein, but he’s clearly pushed the envelope with great results. During our interview Ghostafce goes into depth about the types of maturity level he wants Hip Hop to reach and how we all have to be aware of the impact we are having on kids. He also talks about the types of steps we need to take in terms of uplifting women and holding up our responsibilities in order to make sure they have an easier road especially when it comes to raising kids..

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