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How are you doing Deck?

Im a little sick right now. Other than that, Im feeling lovely.

"A Little Story" is a dope song. What was your inspiration for that?

not any shit youve heard before. Hate it or love it. I was overseas and we have a lot of Wu Tang affiliates over there like Cilvaringz. He actually did that beat. A lot of people think it was produced by RZA, but Cilvaringz is a RZA student, so its all good to me. I heard those beats when I was over there, and it sounded like some crazy, overseas Wu Tang. It sounds like some late 80s, early 90s music. I did some Beastie Boys-call out on it. It wasnt supposed to be what it is now. My DJ, DJ Storm, sent it out to a couple people. The next thing you know, youre calling me and the single is everywhere. It turned out to be a good look.

That shows that people really want some new Inspectah Deck.

Yeah, definitely. I did nine songs when I did "A Lil Story." I had released a joint called "My Style." Another was "Get Your Weight Up" and another was "Make a Move." I released them sporadically on the internet to see how they would do. So far, "My Style" and "A Lil Story" have gotten the best response. I got a mixtape dropping soon and "A Lil Story" is going to be on there with like five or six new joints.

When are you looking to drop that?

I was supposed to drop it today, but I was on the road for the Wu Tang tour. Im trying to get it out in the next couple of weeks. Youre going to be seeing and hearing about it in a small way. Were not trying to spend a million dollars on this project.

How was the Wu Tang tour?

Its always good when Im with my team. When were together, its like Godzilla coming to town. Buildings get knocked over. It was good to feel the love from the fans and know that there is still some die-hard fans out there that were 13 when they started listening to us and now theyre 25. Theyre still holding us down. It gives you that energy when theyre singing every song word-for-word with you. That makes you want to do it.

How was the chemistry without ODB?

It was definitely different. Thats whats missing in Wu Tang. I think that plays a part in why its hard to get an album together. Number one, nobody wants to do some bullshit. We dont want to put an album out and have them treat it like our past ones. I liked "Iron Flag," but I wasnt proud of "The W." I wasnt proud of that. "Iron Flag" was an up-to-date version of "36 Chambers" to me.

Right now, they have the microscope out on us. Theyre looking at the "W" on "The W" cover wondering if its authentic. Im not here to satisfy anyone. If its from me to you, I definitely want you to be happy with my shit, at least. Our shit is going to be different and dudes have to accept and respect that. Accept the fact that Wu Tang is not going to get everyday radio play.

Was everyone on good terms throughout the tour?

Yeah, man. Dont get it twisted, we were brothers before this music shit. Its all family shit. Sometimes you may not speak to your brother because he pissed you off, but were family. The rap shit is different because brothers have mouths to feed and each brother has a different situation. Some have more kids than others and some have more property than others. But I know niggas are real with each other and the rap shit comes secondary to us. Thats how we look at it. We never came in to be rap niggas. We told you from the jump that we were going to be the new industry. Even if the rap isnt going well, niggas still communicate, but we have different issues going on in our lives. Some niggas like to go out there and front, but well say, "Im wounded right now. Let me get my blood circulating." Thats like me dropping this mixtape. Its going to prepare you for the "Rebellion" album that Im going to drop with RZA. Its just nursing the wounds and coming back.

Not a lot of MCs ever let you know that theyre down.

I feel the same way sometimes. I feel that Im the greatest like Ali sometimes, but I know in real life that Im just one of many. When I say Im nursing the wounds, my whole issue with this rap shit is that I was never a rapper. We came off the block, we hustled and put our money into the studio, and we made an album about what we were doing every day. Id see RZA and Rae and wed be spitting lines to each other while we were slanging them things. Putting the album together was a blessing.

Ive always had a problem with contracts and hidden clauses. A nigga offers you publishing and sends you a recording contract. Theres silly shit and the lawyers are in on it too. I went through a shiesty lawyer with my Loud deal. Then Loud got dropped from BMG and Deck got lost in the shuffle with "Uncontrolled Substance." That album got pushed back four times. I signed the deal in 97 and the album dropped in 99. Meanwhile I got hit with marketing and promotions clauses each time the album got delayed. I cant take the blame for that shit because the album was done. I took three years off spending my money on lawyers to get out of contracts. Im not letting anyone control me anymore. Id rather not do music and do something else instead of not getting my publishing and all that. Thats why I went through Koch for "The Movement." I did it through my company INS Productions because I didnt want to sign as an artist anymore. Now I have Urban Icon and Im sitting on the sideline watching the game, getting some new moves, just figuring out the next move. Now, I have my label and my group House Gang. All that shit is secondary. I just have a renewed love for the game right now. Its fun to rhyme again. The game is fucked up, but I found the love within myself. I didnt have that for awhile, not that I lost it. I just never tapped into it. Thats discouraging. Thats like Jordan riding the bench. Jordan dont ride the bench. I know I can score in the clutch and Im not scared to be in that situation. Sometimes you have to pass the rock or get traded to another team. Thats how I felt with the Loud situation. Not to mention, I was signed to Loud as an individual and a group. Thats a mistake Ill never make again. My shit goes back and a nigga has scars. Im bionic with new parts put on me.

Do you feel comfortable with where you are now?

Hell yeah. Dudes havent really gotten a full dosage of me yet. They know me for "bomb atomically" but they dont really know what Im capable of yet. Im just getting myself in the right position and setting myself up.

Did you guys record any new tracks while you were on tour?

Nah. Before the tour, I went to LA to do fifteen songs with RZA. Some of them have Rae, GZA, and Masta Killa on them. I did some joints for Raes album and some songs with Ghost. Im doing what I have to do. Im going to do this one more time and Im going to come like Hannibal. Straight up.

Hows "Rebellion" coming?

Its going to be monster. Its going to be monster. Its going to be 50% RZA-produced, and the rest will be split up with different people. You might hear some Dirty South and West Coast tracks on there. Im keeping it raw. Were keeping it hood and global.

How will hardcore Wu fans react hearing you on West Coast or Dirty South tracks?

Theyre going to love it because my blade is going to be out. My shit is going to be swinging too. Theyre going to be like, "This nigga is fucking up a Dirty South track." Then I want you to hear me on a slow jam, then an up-tempo song, then a basement Wu Tang track, then some knucklehead shit. Youre going to hear me touching all bases because Im not just one track. Ive always told you about life, whether it was "Cold World" or "Troubled Man." It doesnt matter wherever you hear me at, I always tried to kick those rhymes to give you my vision. Thats what the people are going to get from me, regardless. Youre going to get real life from a first-person point of view. Its not my style to do all the shit thats going on now. Ive done mad shit in my life and niggas talking about how Im going to kill you and kidnap your kids. Theyre cubic zirconiums, man. Look at my shit, my shit will tell you, and it goes back ten years. Its nothing to be proud of, but my shit is about real life. "I dont know why I chose to smoke cess/I guess thats the time when Im not depressed." I was smoking a blunt when you called me. Im just telling you that shit because its real. Im not trying to blow my shit up.

When are you looking to drop "Rebellion"?

In the summer. I want to drop my shit in July. That means I have to finish my shit this April.

In our last interview, you said that the industry wasnt ready for a Wu Tang album. Is the industry ready now for Wu or your solo album?

Nope. Wu Tang is like Ali fighting George Foreman in Zaire. We have somehow become the underdogs in the game. People dont know that we started a lot of shit. Were the underdogs now. The kids are idolizing a bunch of other shit right now and Wu Tang is low on their list. Were going to come in and shock the world. Were going to knock a lot of people out. Well come in and step on their reputation. If they played Wu Tang all day and we were the type to go under the table and do the payola thing, and do the 106 and Park thing…its ridiculous. BET is like poison right now. Imagine if we had BETs support and MTVs support. What if we had VH1 and magazines support, the way they all support that other bullshit. Itd be "Wu Tang boom bye aye."

With all of the beefs going on in New York, why doesnt Wu Tang ever get called out?

Theyre not going to call us out. Thats the wrong thing to do. When youre the boxing champion of the world, you dont want to fight the motherfucker that can lay you out in the first round. You want to be Roy Jones. You want to dance around and do peacock shit because dudes will fall for that shit. People fall for the back-flips and moon-walking in the ring. They dont want to get in the ring with us. Well head-butt them. Fuck it, take a point from me, Ill elbow the shit out of them. Were going to come with a banging-ass album and come back on the strength. Were going to do our thing without sucking all these nuts to get Hot97 or the Source to do us a favor. Thats why we dont get along with the industry and the industry doesnt get along with us. If we came through sucking nuts, youd probably hear us a little more. There would probably be another Wu Tang album out and wed probably all have major deals. If we were those cats…Thats not how we go. Peace. Were not going to be those dudes. We never was. We came in the game with masks and stocking caps and shit like that on the cover of our album. We never intended to be whatever you want to call it.

Why do you think age matters so much in Hip Hop?

Im going to tell you like this. These young motherfuckers arent getting anything real like we did. When we were young, growing up, the old school used to talk to us. Theyd be like, "What are you doing out here? Its two in the morning." Thats what needs to happen to these shorties right now. You can have your Young Jeezy, Lil Flip, and Postaboys…Its all on how youre reaching them. Dudes like us dont buy records. I support and I like to read credits to see who participated on what. A lot of us dont buy records though. Right now, its parents buying records for their kids, and women buy records. Thats why you have all these R&B songs. Theyll say "Ill bust you in the head with the chrome" on a Mariah Carey remix. Hes smuggled the coke across the border! Im like, "Wow. Im trying to give you that same shit on a beat that matches. Ill leave the R&B for someone else." I want the beat to resemble what Im saying. A lot of dudes, you readers reading this shit, listen to what motherfuckers are saying nowadays. You can not allow dudes to get by and slide past anymore when motherfuckers are telling you to "shake that laffy taffy." Thats real shit. Im not worried about anyone screaming my name out because Ill bury niggas. Shit will be over. That will be the luck of the draw because Ill give motherfuckers war. If youre coming to me, you better have scars. Dont step into the ring with wolves. Youre food. Im waiting for it. If a nigga wants to call my name out, Im going to go in on him. I dont even fuck with dudes like that. I got other shit to talk about than the next man.

Whats the best way to reach the kids in 2006?

My solution is that you have to bounce with them. They want to be on the dance floor and you cant preach on the dance floor. You cant preach to your child while hes playing the Playstation. You have to grab a controller and kick it to him in his language. Hell have a fit if you turn it off because thats what he loves. You have to tell him what it is and tell him why you love him. You might hear me on some club shit. I might make some shit for the club, but you wont hear me singing or any other stupid shit. Ill be telling niggas how to do shit. Ive been there. There might be someone in the bathroom waiting for you and theyre wanting your chain. So you go in the bathroom because youre drunk and its a wrap. Thats what Im telling them. If youre gangster, walk with your chain out. Thats how I talk to my dogs. Motherfuckers are calling shots, priests are raping boys, theres terrorism, and the president is riding horses. All types of shit is going on and thats why I rap about what I rap about. Thats why I might take it to the streets and talk about blades on the Escalade. I have to talk about that shit too.

Last time we talked, New York Hip Hop was in a bad state. Has it gotten better?

Its gotten worse. Let me explain something to you. New York rappers dont support New York rappers. Rappers dont support radio stations, radio stations dont support video stations…We dont love ourselves. Thats how I see it. Ill go to ATL and those niggas are partying. They dont even let you smoke weed in the clubs like that. Theres police in there partying with you. Theyre there to have a good time. I went to a party in ATL and it was good. When I get in a club in New York, as soon as I step to the bar, theres gunshots. In the deep South, motherfuckers will be in the club with their shirts off, partying. They dont even have their guns on them. Theyll be out in the car. I love New York. Born and raised in the Bronx, Kingsbridge. Ive stayed in Far Rockaway, Queens. Ive been all over. Ive lived in all five boroughs. Im New York all the way. For the most part, Ill do a show in New York and maybe 300 people will show up. But Ill go out of town, and theres 5,000 motherfuckers out there.

Im not scared to open up for niggas. Im down to steal a show however I can get it. When you see me, you know its "oh shit, hes ready to air shit out." Theres no negotiations or peace treaties. If Im in the building, then you know my goal. If you think someone else is the illest, Ill drop an accapella in front of him and make it hard for him and his fifty-piece dance ensemble. Im up there in a Champion sweatsuit fucking yall up. It dont matter. I feel happy with myself and niggas are going to hear that when they hear my new shit.

Where do you see Wu Tang going in the future?

Were still going to be the most prolific, legendary motherfuckers in the game. The album is not going to come right now until signs in the game start changing. Its like basketball back in the day with their short-shorts and their thighs showing, now they wear pants down to their calves. Thats a sign of the game changing. Now everyone is trying to take it back to what Biggie Smalls was doing. We came in with the fatigues and all that, and then Biggie and Pac came dressed up in suits, and that switched the game. Then when everyone went there, you had to switch it up to Versace and switching labels. Then Fabolous had the throwbacks with the matching hat and Shyne had you buying your hat a size bigger. Those are all signs of the game changing. Youre going to notice it. Youre either going to get right or get left. The next ill slang word I say will be next. We made up "cream" and "polying." Were going to give them so much new shit that theyre not even going to know what were talking about, and it will still sound better.

What do you think of Nas going to Def Jam?

I think Nas is a smart man from my dealings with the brother when he came through and showed love on our album. Hes a smart man, and I know that whatever move he made is going to be best for him. I cant even judge that.

As far as Hip Hop is concerned, I think its some real champion, big man shit for Nas and Jay to collaborate. They went to war and somebody had to lose, and then to get up and shake a mans hands and say, "That was a good fight. I respect you now." Maybe thats what that is. There is probably so much respect between the two that they were like, "Lets link our business up and keep it moving." Thats a lot of shit popping because theyre two big names. I cant knock that. Thats like Mack 10 going to Cash Money and Snoop going to No Limit. Those were chess moves.

Whats up with House Gang right now?

Carlton Fisk is still locked up, but he did a lot of stuff before he went in. Were getting that project ready. Were trying to drop all of that through Wu Music Group, thats Wus new label. A lot of things are happening off the radar with Wu. Were doing a lot of things ourselves instead of acting like we need motherfuckers to help us and then we become their slaves. Its like the US helping out foreign countries and then they set up a post in the neighborhood. Were not looking for allies, were looking for comrades.

Whats your main focus on a day-to-day basis right now?

My daughter. Im just having a ball watching her grow. Thats what I live for nowadays. Im not chasing anything anymore. Im not worried about being the illest MC or the richest. Im not out there trying to kill nobody for a dollar, but I will defend myself for mine, but Im not a savage in pursuit of happiness. Im loving where Im at right now. Im here with my girl and everything is peace. I dont have any babymama drama and everything is peace. Im just in the studio on some 2Pac shit. I just did twenty-eight songs. Im just trying to keep the pace up and throw them out there like Chinese stars. Im throwing them out on the internet because that seems to be the way to go for me. Commercial radio wont play me but the internet seems to be having a ball with your boy.

What do you want to say to your fans?

Understand Hip Hop again and understand what it is. Go back and listen to old shit real quick. You dont have to give up what you like these days. If youre "laffy taffying" it up, dont stop, but go back to Black Moon and Heltah Skeltah, the whole Duck Down Movement, Kool G. Rap, Big Daddy Kane…Take a trip through some shit. Then listen to what youre listening to now and ask yourself if that shit is Hip Hop. You have to understand that Hip Hop came about in a time when there was rock and disco. Country wasnt even that big at that moment. Now in the mix of Hip Hop, some new shit is being created and we havent given it a name away from Hip Hop. Its not Hip Hop. Its something else. Its like how you had "trip hop" and we used to call it "house music" or "trance music." We need a different name for that shit out there because its not Hip Hop. You have reggae, salsa, and meringue, and all that is different.

The shit I grew up on made me want to rhyme. If I grew up in this era and I heard half of these dudes, it wouldnt inspire me to rhyme. It would inspire me to feel like Im better than them, but I wouldnt want to live, breathe, and shit Hip Hop like the first time I saw "The Message" video. Dudes arent influential these days. There hasnt been too many since us. Its crazy.

Ill tell niggas to give themselves a Hip Hop test. Go back and listen to some classic shit, and then come back and listen to the shit out now. Its not Hip Hop. We may have to really start generalizing that shit as "rap." There are many different types of Hip Hop. Thats just my personal feelings. Dont worry about me. Im not the motherfucking rap hater. Do what you do. Im just going to come through and make it hard. Im going to distinguish a real MC from those frauds.

Look out for the new mixtape. Right now, its untitled. Look out for Urban Icon and Movement Marketing with Mike Moves from Landspeed. The new album "Rebellion" is coming later on in the year, hopefully in the summertime. You know its going to have mad Wu Tang family members. Im trying to make this shit big and Im not collaborating with everybody. Im making original shit. You may like it and you may not, but you have to respect it because Im being me. Everything is original. Its

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