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Method Man: I Gets No Respect
Wednesday - August 30, 2006

— by Jorteh Senah

"F--- the world, dont ask me for sh-- / and everything you get, you got to work hard for it." The latter part of this quote embodies its authors career in hip-hop; the former personifies his mood of late, specifically towards the hip-hop world, a world that he heavily influenced as both a solo artist and as part of the seminal group the Wu-Tang Clan. Yet, this world hasnt been reciprocating the love lately.

Method Man, also known as Tical and countless other aliases, has won a Grammy, released six platinum albums (two solo, four with The Wu and one with Redman) and was one of the first ambassadors of hip-hop. Remember those 90s documentaries of the Wu-Tang clan touring Asia? Well, with hip-hops short term memory, Johnny Blaze has always seemed unappreciated and underrated. From music television countdowns that have placed him behind non-MCs like Missy Elliot, to premature predictions of his demise, a usually media friendly Method Man was way overdue to unleash a belligerent rant on some poor, unsuspecting journalist: yours truly. Though more animated than genuinely angry, Meth let it all hang out. Whatever he didnt get off his chest while recording his new album 4:21...The Day After, he definitely addressed in this interview. So, sit back and enjoy this media roast as the Ticallion Stallion riffs on the hip-hop industry, DJs and the fact that he gets less respect than Rodney Dangerfield.

P.S. Vibe, XXL, The Source and every other media outlet, your all f---ing welcome!! Your new album is called 4:21...The Day After. Youve been quoted as saying that this record has a certain clarity to it that hasnt been present on your other albums, what inspired this clarity?

Method Man: Yall motherf---ers sh--ing on me, talking about how Im washed up and I dont got it no more. F--- yall motherf---ers! Come on now, this is what every veteran rapper goes through at some point in his career. Its inevitable that your relevancy is going to be questioned, especially when your last record wasnt as well received or successful as your previous ones.

Method Man: Yeah, but you know whats crazy about that album though? It still went gold with no help. That actually wasnt a surprise to me because I felt that there was enough on there to keep your hardcore fanbase satisfied. Even though you said that your priorities were in the wrong place on that record, how is your approach different this time around?

Method Man: I said f--- yall n----s this time. Im going in this for me. F--- yall n----s with your bullsh-- ass opinions, your ragged ass reviews and everything yall do to knock us to f--- down and have us questioning our own skills. When we know were f---ing dope, we know we can change the world. And, we know we got more people listening to us than you guys will ever have. Thats why I can sit here with my balls out and say f--- yall, you f---ing slime balls. Wow, you really feel that disrespected by the media?

Method Man: Yeah, they dont give me no respect. Thats why I dont have no respect for them. F---ing pricks. Nah, but let me stop this sh-- [laughs]. Yo son, for real, for real, Im doing this because I want you to know what it feels like my n----. Thats how they talk to me with their opinions. Its like no matter what I do or say, they be like, "Shut the f--- up, f--- you." But, the beautiful thing about being an artist is that you have the avenue in terms of making your records to answer all these nay-sayers and critics.

Method Man: Yeah, but you see they dont let us be free enough to be just that artist. Youre working with a blank canvas, who knows how its going to come out? Its up to your minds to grow along with us, or you say, "Alright, you tried that right there, but it wasnt to hot. So, come back to where you was before." Instead of saying sh-- like, "This motherf---er is wack, I dont think Im a check for him the next time out." Let me throw some names out there thatve been in similar situations: Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Nas, your man Ghostface. Theyve all been slept on by the media later in their careers...

Method Man: They aint gone do sh-- because for one, n----s dont pop sh-- about Busta the way they pop sh-- about me. Ghost, they always sucking Ghost d---. They be sucking Ghost off and be sh--ing on the rest of the Clan. So, you need better examples than that. Now look how they riding Busta. They thought he was just a funny suit wearing n---- and he shut them to f--- up. Like I said before, you have that avenue. Busta showed and proved, and he shut the critics up like you said. So now, what are you going to do?

Method Man: I aint trying to show and prove to nobody. Im talking to the people that when I come outside my house and motherf---ers show me love in all these different neighborhoods in New York, when Im by myself and dont nobody try to rob me. Thats who I wrote the album for. F--- yall slime bag ass n----s! I was trying to f--- with yall on my last album and yall assassinated me. Yall n----s is the worst form of life on this planet, scum bags that ride other peoples coattails to get... Hey, hey, thats not all of us man. Some of us are just trying to get your frame of mind on paper, thats my approach at least.

Method Man: So, why do they put the little intros before all the interviews where they do the most discrediting at? Thats just to set up the...

Method Man: Them two little paragraphs that they put before they interview n----s and try to discredit them. Thats why I can sit here and be like, "F--- yall interview n----s, yall n----s suck, yall n----s eat d--- and are straight up some kiss ass muthaf---ers. Yall n----s ride n----s backs to get to the top. Yall ride a new n---- every f---ing year, yall big us up and then knock us to f--- down. Yall n----s can eat a d---, I hate all yall motherf---ers." I hear what youre saying, but the industry -- including record labels and artists -- have a great deal to do with that.

Method Man: What motherf---er!?! Hold on now, hear me out. When your man 50 came on the scene with his gangsta persona, a lot of labels and artist followed suit. I always loved Bustas style, but on his new record Busta is definitely more hardcore. Your man Ghostface called his album Fishscale and started rapping about the drug game again because thats whats selling right now. I dont necessarily label it as d--- riding because the climate of hip-hop changes and some rappers feel they need to change, or should I say evolve to...

Method Man: N----s got Ghost nuts on their tonsils jiggling them around [makes a gargling sound].

A motherf---er put me and Ghost album together in a review in Entertainment Weekly. Yes, I read my own press. How you going to put both our albums together, two totally different sounding projects? He sh--ed on me and bigged Ghost up. I know Ghost is dope and s---, but so is my whole crew. Trying to big my man up and sh-- on me, thats a form of separation right there. They try to separate us. Yall be spitting fire out them pens right there, somebody gone smack the sh-- out one of yall n----s when they see yall in the street man. Like my man Chino. I love Chino man; this n---- got snuffed for nothing. He didnt have sh-- to do with that little f---ing cartoon that they put next to our picture in Rap Pages magazine. They had little cartoons of n----s and this n---- got punched in his eye, and all he did was write the article. Yall n----s should know we not Britney Spears, we not Justin Timberlake. We aint none of these little b---- ass, pop singing ass motherf---ers. They dont even write they own songs, so they could deal with the criticism. Nah n----, we from the block where if a n---- snap on your mama too hard, you liable to knock his motherf---ing block off. So, imagine what happens when a n---- sh-- on you. A motherf---er with a college degree who hasnt been involved with half the battles in the hood and sh--, you would want to take that n----s f---ing head off. Ive heard a couple tracks off the album, the first being "Say" featuring Lauren Hill. Is this the official first single?

Method Man: Def Jam did that s--- and overstepped their boundaries by leaking it, just because they liked it so much. I wanted to put it out as a second single. For a first single, thats just too much right there. People expect me to come out the gate hard. Yeah I felt the same when I heard it. Its a dope mid-tempo joint and Lauren complements the record perfectly, but its not your typical style for a first single. I did think that the other joint I heard, "Nah Mean" featuring Styles P and Fat Joe, would be a great first single.

Method Man: The thing about "Nah Mean" was that it was taken out my hands too. When I did the record, I was trying to do three verses. But, the dude that was doing the project with me left and when he came back Fat Joe was on the sh--. With all the frustration youve expressed about the rap game, I have to wonder why you still do it? Especially when youve developed other avenues for income.

Method Man: I love this game, I just hate the people behind this sh-- that just be f---ing it up. These n----s is raping the culture. These n----s cant dissect a hood n----s rhymes because yall not where he from. Thats how n----s slept on down South for so f---ing long. They got to the point where they was like, "Yall dont understand us, so we going to sell it to our own people, people who do understand us." Then what happened? Yall n----s ran right down South, sucking they d---- like they the best thing since sliced f---ing bread. Like these n----- is the most prolific artist that rap has ever heard in its f---ing life. Like they the new white meat and sh--. These n----s been down there, its just that yall wasnt checking for them like that, bunch of d--- riding ass n----s. The popular consensus is that the South is on top because New York rap isnt what it used to be.

Method Man: It aint got nothing to do with that. N---- you heard Juelz Santana album? Yeah I heard it, it was pretty descent but...

Method Man: Look at the singles they put out off that album. That album was hard b. Motherf---ers dont know that because they dont even buy f---ing albums, they just download singles or they hear them on the radio. This is what these motherf---ers in New York, label wise, is trying to do. They wont put out the hard s--- first, they gone try to go that sh-- with the VVS and all that other bullsh--. Aint nobody want to hear that sh--. Why you think n----s is out here buying mixtapes and getting satellite radio?

New York aint fall off in no f---ing way. These record company n----s need to get it in their heads that we got our own f---ing style man. We not like the rest of these motherf---ers. The right motherf---ers is not being heard and when I say that, I dont mean the right artist isnt being heard, I mean the right f---ing songs isnt being heard. Im telling you, theres going to be one motherf---er to come out with "Get At Me Dog" like DMX did, or come out with "Protect Ya Neck" like Wu did. Hes going to blow it out the frame and the record companies are going to be like, "Oh my God, what were we doing?" They arent putting enough faith in their artist to let us do what the f--- we want to do. Theyre like, "Its ok if you want to go with that song, but were not going to push it." Im like, "You got to be kidding me." Thats why n----s cant even talk greasy about NY when they know how the game is played man. That dont happen to them because everything they do is just fly, everything they put out is fly. So youre basically saying that New York is just as hard as its always been, its just that the wrong type of music is being put out there?

Method Man: Exactly, the wrong type of music is being put out. If you aint putting out some sh-- with a singy songy hook, n----s aint playing your sh-- on f---ing radio. That being said, how does an artist like Method Man, who doesnt make that type of music, stay relevant?

Method Man: Im still relevant in the game because of all the f---ing ground work Ive laid down before all this f---ing sh-- started. I hope that the hard sh-- is going to come back. Its like the n----s who came up in our days is recouping them for that hard sh--. Its like I said, n----s aint putting out the right type of f---ing records man. Thats why n----s run to mixtapes because they know the label aint doing it the right way. These n----s is million, billion dollar companies and their idiots. They treating our sh-- like its fast food out this motherf---er man, knowing damn well that New York hip-hop is as hard as its ever been man. Like one of the biggest sh-- out is "Hustlin" by Rick Ross. How come n----s in New York cant get a single like that? We got millions of songs about hustling out here in NY. Like I said, the right sh-- isnt being pushed in NY man. You mentioned that Juelz Santanas album is hard, who else do you like coming out of NY?

Method Man: Juelz album was hard as f--- and they gave us "There It Go," which wasnt a bad song, but come on b. My man Ghost is hard as a motherf---er, but what they put out was the Ne-Yo joint, "Back Like That." It was a hard ass song, but come on man, this is NY man. Staying on the topic of record labels, how is your situation with Def Jam?

Method Man: I dont know what the f--- is going on up there. Im just playing everything by ear and sh--. Hopefully, they give me a big push. I cant really speak on how theyre going to treat my project until its out a week, but I know my last project wasnt treated too well. Do you feel as a rap veteran and more so a Def Jam veteran that you arent given the attention and respect you deserve?

Method Man: Yeah, but I always feel like that. Thats just how artists are and sh--. My thing is look, you just set them up and Ill knock them down, but aint nobody even setting nothing up. Come on man, what the f--- is that telling me? Like is yall giving up on me and sh--? Have you ever thought about going to an independent label?

Method Man: The new hustle is the independent labels, but they shutting the door on that too. The independent labels are hitting the majors so hard in the pocket that these motherf---ers is hitting us even harder to make they money back. They raping the culture b, these mixtape n----s and sh--. Since when you got to pay DJ Clue $2500 to get on his f---ing mixtape? N----s use to lace Clue, giving him joints before they album even dropped, and Im not talking about his character as a man or nothing, but you know n----s use to look for Clue. Now, these n----s want to charge n-----s to get on their mixtapes and sh--. Get the f--- out of here man, n----- is raping the f---ing culture man. Video magazines on the street is f---ing caking off us man, with their f---ing video cameras man. There are a few old DJs that still f--- with a n----, but they always do that. Thats how that is and sh--.

In general however, I feel like as far as the game go, I demand a whole lot more respect than what Ive been getting man. N----- been showing me their hands man.

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