Artist: Swollen Members (Soundslam interview) mentions working with WU

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Prevail: Sure. You get those feelings, more of anticipation. Like you said, its been a while but we were satiated by putting the twelve inches out. We dropped a twelve inch with "Black Magic," and "Too Hot" on it. The next twelve inch we have featuring Ghostface, and Alchemist is a song called "Wait." The single, "Put Me On" featuring Everlast hit the radio, and we got the video out, so there were little tasters out there for the people. On the Swollen Members website we put a lot of songs out there, and leaked a lot of songs. We knew people were giving us feedback on the album even while we were out there recording. Before the album was 100% done we were out touring with Ghostface, we went out with Gza. People were telling us, yo, I heard this song on your website, I heard this song on your MySpace page We were able to get some really great feedback from our it helped us to dictate what we needed to complete the project 100%. Its always great to have your fans be honest with you.

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