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Ghostface rematerializes
By Joan Anderman, Globe Staff | December 12, 2006

Ghostface Killah is in a hurry. Hes got stories to tell, mouths to feed, and proteges careers to launch. Hes also got a record label eager to boost fourth-quarter profits. So, less than a year after releasing "Fishscale," one of the best hip-hop CDs of the year, the prolific rapper is back with "More Fish." The collection, in stores today, is a grab bag of new beats as well as leftovers from the first record, and it features Ghostfaces Staten Island crew the Theodore Unit as well as the Wu-Tang Clansmans 17-year-old son. On a recent visit to Boston, Ghostface Killah sat down at the Onyx Hotel to chat about the state of his art, the future of the Wu-Tang Clan, and the perils of being a rapper-parent.

is positioning "More Fish" as a sequel to "Fishscale." Was this the labels idea, rushing out another album to capitalize on the success of the first one?

A The label brought the idea. I was on the Wu-Tang tour and I was, "nah." I like to sit with my product and try to mastermind it, to see what avenue or vibe I want to go with. But I listened and I had a lot of stuff I hadnt used, and before you know it we was adding everything up and we got "More Fish." Its the same kind of vibe. Its got its highs.

Q The Theodore Unit is all over this record. Is it up to you to turn your crew into stars?

A Theyre men now. I dont want to be holding nobodys hand, but Im like the parent, giving them the push. Its not like back in the day when it was word of mouth and people listening to demo tapes. In this system, people dont really get into you unless youre steaming hot. Im trying to get these guys hot.

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