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24 Hours to Live: Ghostface Killah
Wu-Tang’s finest envisions going to the great beyond.

If you could decide, how would you go out?
The easiest way: old age, in my sleep. Peaceful. Graceful.

What’s your last meal?
Just a glass of water. Water is life. It’s completely pure.

Describe your funeral.
I’m wearing all white, facing east with the Book of Life on me, wherever the prophets were buried. That’s it. Because I’m not in that body anymore. That’s just my flesh. I’m already gone.

What was your greatest joy?
It was a joy to see my babies come out. And when I put my first record out and heard it on the radio. But it’s even more of a joy to understand the science of life and that God is real. I’ve got scars, bullet wounds, and stab marks. That’s what my body went through in this lifetime. But that’s the joy of life — knowing that even when it’s cloudy, the sun is always on time.

For what are you most thankful?
For being blessed with food. Some people don’t even get that. When I waste food I tell the Master, “I’m sorry. Forgive me.” Because it’s a sin. Puff Daddy is driving around in six Bentleys, and I have a little bullshit car. But you know what? I’ve still got four wheels to travel to the same destination. It’s all an illusion, whether you’ve got a Lexus or a Yugo.

What have you learned about the opposite sex?
Try not to hit your woman. God didn’t make her for you to hit her. You’ve got to hold her, comfort her. She’s the one who’s bearing life. Earth is life — everything is constantly growing, like the trees and all that stuff.

Write your epitaph.
It don’t have to say nothing big. After I’m done with this body, the worms are gonna get it.

Any last words?
This world’s just a trial to see how you’re gonna live in the here­after, because there are seven heavens. And you want to be in the best heaven. You’d rather be staying in a five-star hotel than a Best Western, right?

Maxim, Apr 2007

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