Killah Priest - Say A Little Prayer ( interview)

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Killah Priest - Say A Little Prayer
Posted: 6/2/2008 2:03:56 PM by Souleo

When speaking with certain celebrities you sometimes wish you had all the time in the world to delve into their innermost thoughts and emotions. Luckily for us it doesn’t take all the time in the world to get that deep with hip-hop veteran Killah Priest.

While he’s largely known for his affiliations with several hip-hop groups including Wu-Tang Clan, Sunz of Man, The HRSMN, Black Market, and Maccabeez; there’s no denying his impressive catalogue of solo material. His latest project, Behind the Stained Glass adds to his reputation as one of the most fearless, outspoken, and conscious artists in hip-hop.

Sixshot spoke with Killah Priest about his spiritual awakening, walking alone on his spiritual journey, why he couldn’t care less about hooks, why he’s sticking up for Alicia Keys and her gangsta rap comments, whether or not he still thinks Wu-Tang has fallen off, and more.

The album’s title seems to have a very spiritual connotation to it.

Well, that’s the deeper spiritual meaning of it—like it’s definitely going inside the spirit and that’s the whole concept of the album. It’s very spiritual and enlightening. Also glass is like what you see through.

So with this album what did you want to expose by going deepe r into the spiritual world?

It’s more enlightening and about an awakening. It’s about reality, life, friends, and real life.

When did you have your spiritual awakening?

That came in my teenage years. When I started getting into more trouble and didn’t want to be in trouble and just another lost brother on the streets. Im always going against the odds. I wanted to change the perception of young black males being successful and that happened when I was very young.

Is there a current label that you use to describe your spirituality? Do you consider yourself a Hebrew Israelite?

Yeah, you could say that because thats exactly what Ive been studying—the ancient techniques laws and commandments. You awaken inside and begin to know your true nationality.

Is there one revelation you had during your spiritual journey that resonates deeply with you?

Just watch—everything comes to pass sooner or later. It all comes to pass and to the light. It’s like when I say Israelite, Im saying Israel-light not lite. That light is just acknowledging the truth. When you go back to ancient texts of the ancestors it all stems from the Black gene, but everybody separated and went onto different cultures and different ways of life. The difference between me and certain brothers is that Im not separating myself from everybody. Everybody’s supposed to learn the righteous way to move—the dietary laws and the moral laws. There are laws to the universe. You can’t drink paint and live—that’s a law. So with this music Im trying to enlighten males and females of the basic laws that we were given, and they were given to the nation of Israel.

During a spiritual journey some people feel a need to walk alone and isolate themselves from others. Is that something you had to do as well?

Yeah, exactly. I don’t even care about the industry or anything. It felt like I was by myself. That’s when in the darkest moments you feel something inside. You gotta find that light inside of you, even if it’s just a speck or sparkle. You grab onto that and make that shine as bright as possible. The light is knowledge. With light you can see clearly and everything. But not only darkness can blind you but too much light too. You gotta make sure you’re in the right light—the one inside of you.

Are you in the right light?

Yeah, I found my place and where I wanna be. I was constantly moving around. I know the truth and it’s inside me and that set me free. I know what is what. The only reason why I party and chill sometimes is because I know myself and Im comfortable. I know what I represent and what life is all about. In my experience I learned about so many different aspects. I learned about dealing with brothers and so many identities and personalities. I seen a whole lot, but the best thing to get is understanding. Make sure you get understanding.

Many conscious artists such as yourself get criticized for not putting as much effort into your beat selection as you do into your lyrics. What are your thoughts on that criticism?

On this album I got songs with no hooks! [Laughs] I just did me and I went in the studio with no hooks. Cats that listen to tracks for beats—go be a producer. All my beat selections are dope. You don’t listen to Killah Priest for a beat even though my beats are banging. When you buy Killah Priest you want to hear what Im talking about and what’s going on in the world. If you want a beat go buy Timbaland or an instrumental joint. It all goes together in perfect harmony. They criticize about the hook, but I want to see them criticize this album ‘cause that ain’t nothing but truth.

I know that you’re cool with Alicia Keys. So what are your thoughts about the backlash she received a couple months ago regarding her comments about gangsta rap?

Im outside of the industry so I can say everything. I just want people to buy the records and buy the truth. She was right for what she said. She should have kept on saying it. But let me say this—the media and all of that stuff is run by Satan. I’ll just come straight up. I mean the vibration of it, not the man ‘cause that’s another story. But the vibration is to backlash anything that goes against the truth. You gotta be a comedian. Comedians tell the truth all day and we laugh ‘cause it’s like a joke. They talk about how f***** up the government is, how f***** up the politics is, and how f***** up religion is. So you gotta be very watchful about the media. The backlash is about pushing party and bulls***. That’s what people relate to ‘cause that’s what we’ve been fed from the beginning. But when people stand up and come out of that is when you make a difference. More power to that sister. I know Alicia keys. She invited me into her V.I.P. many times. Yeah, Priest was up in the Alicia Keys V.I.P. She’s a strong sister.

I read that a couple of years back following a trip to Russia you planned to get some new tattoos. Which of your tattoos means the most to you and why?

Oh, the angel on my neck with a trumpet blowing to my throat. Im gonna blow the trumpet of truth, so the angel Gabriel is always next to me. Im gonna get all of them on there. I got another angel right below my ear ‘cause I hear what I’m saying.

In an interview you stated that Wu-Tang Clan had fallen off for a moment. With their recent release do you think they are back on track?

Not like it was. Everything changes and nothing stays the same. The brothers are still cool. Look at where Ghostface is at today. He used to be the last one to get beats now he buys up. Of course Priest is gonna be there. I said it before that last shall be first. Don’t take that as I just wanna be over the Clan ‘cause that’s not my wish. Those are the brothers that brought me in, but I think everything changes up.

There’s a lot of confusion going around as to what groups you are and are not a part of so please clear the air.

Right now Im just doing G-ciples. I had to clear the atmosphere. I want to apologize to all the Maccabeez fans for certain things that happened. Everybody’s doing their thing. This movement with G-ciples is a movement that I want everyone to be a part of. We put a G on it which is for God—God disciples. G is for glory—it’s for everything.

So there’s no longer an affiliation with Wu-Tang Clan or any other group?

Well, let me say this; big up to everybody in there but Maccabeez gonna get back together. I’m still here. I just had to develop something. I’m not gonna sit here and let no project I start just fall in the garbage. With those groups we gon’ put it all together and were rolling G-ciples right now. I’m a general and when you’re the general and know which way to move everybody gotta move the same way. This is not about one individual. You gotta be a general no matter what crew you go to or start. You got to be a soldier before you can be a general and that’s what I’ve been.

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