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inspectah20deckphotoww3 After the kerfuffle with one Joey Budden over the summer, the recording bug may or may not have hit the Rebel INS but the Manifesto is here. When the RZA ceased relinquished the head producing rule from the Wu and left its members to its own devices, a lot of people have had to make some really tough decisions. Like how do you separate yourself from the pack of a eight man crew. Inspectah Deck’s problem was and has always been his understated personality. The characters of the Wu always outshine you no matter who you are. It was a great balance when they were all together, but doesn’t have the same effect standing on his own two feet. Pound for pound to match rap skills with other members the Inspectah has held his own very well I might add, but when it comes to marketing himself this is where the scale starts to tip the other way which is unfortunate because he has some very memorable lyrics and brought a really strong force to a already powerful group.

defimage1 Wu-Tang members on their solo efforts were stuck in the middle of a fork in the road, they had the option to embrace the Wu “sound” kung fu/soul samples they built or go a different way. Unfortunately Deck had that decision made for him, his first solo album was lost in the sauce between bigger releases and the move for the group members to go their own route thus missing out on Wu-Tang Clan’s muscle as a unit. Whether that was intentional or unintentional we will never know that is between Deck and RZA but the end result was his album went unnoticed. The other issue here is that Deck hasn’t been as active as the other members were, this is only his 4th album and his last album was almost 4 years ago.

inspectah-deck I can’t say that we as fans have ever really gotten to know The Inspectah Deck on a personal level like we have with Method Man, RZA, GZA, Ghostface, or even Raekwon. And again part of that has to do with being around people who are larger than life you tend to play the background more. I can completely relate however because I am the same way, so I can’t blame him for not wanting the spotlight either.

Musically this is some b-boy ish, some beats work some don’t personally I would have probably gone in a different direction but I can’t fault him he hasn’t defined exactly what his sound is. When you play a Ghostface song you instantly say this is a Ghostface record, same with RZA and even Method man to an extent. I haven’t pinned down what a Inspectah Deck track is or what I expect from him musically so with that regard his canvas is still wide open. I want to say it is a good thing, but he has been a artist far too long for this to continue. I really feel as a artist and as a rapper Deck needs to define his sound because it is well past his time to separate himself from his peers and other group members. Listening to the album, I never thought I would say this but there was way too many songs the 20 tracks made it even more difficult for the album to stay focused.

I don’t have any snappy one liners or quips to end I just want Inspectah Deck to shine he deserves it.


$$$ out of $$$$$

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