Raekwon Speaks On Wu-Tang Clan "Love" & "Animosity"

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by Andres Tardio

Raekwon the Chef is proud to state that Wu fans are awake again. The emcee who released last year's Only Built for Cuban Linx 2, which received rave reviews, has already followed that up with Wu Massacre, an album with two other Wu brothers Ghostface and Method Man. However, no matter what the members of the Shaolin clan seem to do, talk always seems to center around group problems and issues. In a recent interview with DJ Jenny Boom Boom, Raekwon spoke on the Wu Massacre album and the fact that there may be animosity in the crew from time to time, but explains that it's normal.

"The Wu Massacre was something that Ghostface and Def Jam put together and asked for my assistance. I just came through for them...So Ghost quarterbacked the whole movement of that Wu Massacre album. But, it's really just to make sure that we let the fans know we're going to drop more music," he said of the collaborative project. "In my eyes, I wanted to do it independently but this is what Ghost wanted to do...so I supported it."

During the interview, he also added that the trio made an effort to make "Our Dreams, which they felt would be viable commercially. Alicia Keys also helped with the project, which Rae says she did out of love and kindness. Still, the Massacre didn't leave Method Man incredibly happy. As Rae explains, he and Meth were somewhat out of the equation and both felt the record should have gotten a better push from the label.

"This is something that me and Meth didn't really have too much knowledge about...Overall, he just thought that if we had a little bit more time to do a couple more new records, and really put a heavy promotional foot on it, we probably could have made this situation a little bit better. But, maybe Def Jam was just feeling like 'Cuban Linx is rockin' right now and we're just trying to follow that wave.'"

Whenever creative differences come up with the Wu, it's difficult to forget the tension that existed when the Wu released their last album together. Talk of the members not getting along grew and it seemed we would never get another disc from the clan. However, when asked if their next album was being held up by turmoil, Rae was frank in his response.

"No, it's not no beef in the crew. There's love in the crew. Even if there is animosity here and there, that's normal. That's life for you."

Still, Rae would not make a prediction about another Wu album.

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