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The Next Wu General: The One



Q: How Did You Get Into Hip Hop?

It started in 1984 or 85 during the era of Kurtis Blow, when he came with "Transformers. At the time I was 6 yrs old and a heavy Transformers fan. When Kurtis Blow dropped a "Transformers" rap, that is the point when I started to get into hip hop. From that point it progressed and i started listening to all the old schoolers like Run DMC, Slick Rick, L.L.Cool J etc. Since Hip Hop originated from New York, it only natural that I was listening to all East Coast Rap. But by the early 1990's,The West coast had started making a name for itself with a rap goup called N.W.A That rap group was the first "Gangsta Rap" group in hip hop. By me being from the streets, I could relate to what that group was rapping about. By 2000, hip hop had shifted to down south to places like Atlanta, Texas, Louisiana etc. By me being from Chicago (the Mid-West), means that I was in the middle of everything musically, that was going on.Chicago is so diverse musically, its crazy. You got eveything from straight up b-boy back pack rhymers...to Straight up Gangsta gang bang rappers. We even got a couple of "snap and pop" groups. I took all those styles and different forms of hiphop and put it into one body and came up with me. (lol)

Q: How did you get into the hip hop movement?

I was born with natural rhythm and a gift of being able to explain myself vividly. So I think that it was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Me being able to have a career doing something that involved writing or speech was my destiny. What got me into the hip hop movement a little crew i was in when i was 12 years old. We were called the Bey Bey Kids. That was my first group and that is what sparked off my hip hop career.

Q: How did you get the name "The One"?

Well I am a big fan of the matrix and the concept that it implies. So I just took the concept of The Matrix, and applied it to hip hop. In the movie, Neo is the savior that came to restore balance to The Matrix.


Q: What do you want to bring into the game?

Balance. I didn't come here to step on no toes, i just came to even the odds. Open ya mind. Right now...hip hop has taken a turn for the worst. Its not quite dead, but it is definitely in a Coma. On life support. In the I.C.U with a priest on stand by. With or without the help of wu-tang Clan, i plan to be "The One" to bring back good rhyming, concepts , metaphores, story telling, and real swagger.


Q: What made you get into the wu-tang nine generals contest?

Even though i was inspired to rap by all the old school hip hoppers, when wu-tang Clan hit the scene, They changed rap music and its format...forever. Even to this day, almost 18 years later, they're style of rap is just now catching up to the Industry. In my opinion... The Wu tang style has been bitten, chewed up and watered down so badly that every rapper in the game, active or inactive, has had some type of wu-tang influence whether they are aware of it or not. I aint here to Front. My biggest inspiration in rap was The Wu Tang Clan, still is the wu-tang Clan, and will always be the Wu. REAL TALK MY NIGGAZ!!! .

Q: What is Unique about your style?

What is unique about my style is that Im from Chicago (lol)...which means i am in the middle of all sides of the hip hop industry. Chicago has got to be the biggest hip hop "melting Pot" for rap. Like I said before, i have the skill to incorporate all those different styles of rap and come up with a universal style that all audiences will like. I am one of the only artist today that still uses concepts, metaphores, and vivid narrations of real life stories. Stories so real and in detail as if you were actually there watching it. I call it "First Person Rhyming".(LOL) I got mad love, respect and honor for The Rza. I think that The Rza has no comparison in the creative part of the brain, from no other producer. Rza is by far the most creative... and in my opinion, the biggest risk taking producer that rap has ever seen. Back in the 90's, The wu-tang sound was very very risky. It sounded nothing "AT ALL" like any other rap music before or after its time. But it paid off. Rza is the back bone of Voltron. No direspect to the rest of the clan, but i think even they would agree that the back bone is what holds the body together.


Q: What makes THE ONE different then any other rapper?

I think that my attention to detail makes me a great story teller. My stubborness makes it hard for me to be a quitter. Me being a "loud mouth" only means that I WILL BE HEARD. You say tomato... I say tomoto. You say I got A.D.D, I say Im multi-tasked(HA!). Im a Chamillion, i can adapt to any environment.

Q: If you were to be made one of The new 9 generals, what would you do different?

If I was one of the new generals, i would hit the radio harder. One of the mind blowing accomplishments that wu-tang has achieved is the level of multiplatinum status with very minimal airplay. Typically an artist has to establish a single on the radio and a video to get that exposer needed in order to work your way to platinum status, let alone multi-platinum staus. The Wu made alot of money and sold alot of albums but i think they could have sold more albums and made more money if they had of hit the radio harder. But who am I to judge? nobody. Just making a personal observation. Mad Love for you niggaz REAL TALK!!!