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How did you get your name?

Vega X: Vega Is a star in the Lyra constellation, and X is the mathematical variable of the unknown

Macabean the Rebel: The name of the kohen rebel general Judah Maccabeus, who led a holy revolt against the Seleucid Empire, which consisted of corrupt dictatorship at the time.

How did you get into hip-hop?

VX: Starting with Rage Against The Machine, and other revolutionary groups such as Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, Paris, Big Punisher, and more. After listening to emcees for so long you just find yourself freestyling, and eventually more focused rhymes if you take it seriously.

Mac: I listened to alot hip-hop music back then. Pretty much it started with the Intelligent Hoodlum (Tragedy Khadafi today) at the time, then i expanded on Public Enemy, X-Clan, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, so-on and so-forth. I even use to do graffiti for a lil' while, taggin' on the side of Bodegas around Kingsbridge Heights in NY, but then I started freestyling, then did writing, and pretty much continued myself from there.

Who are some of your musical influences?

VX: Rage, Wu-Tang, Canibus, Sunz of Man, Public enemy, Dead Prez, Paris: The Black Panther, Tragedy Khadafi, Killa Sha, KillaScripsha, The Holocaust, Killah Priest, Chief Kamachi, Aztech, Kasper, Stranga The Great

Mac: Most of the said from VX. Not to mention, PXR grabs that influence also.

How did the group Guerrilla Alliance form... Who does it consist of and how does each member of the group contribute?

VX: We've been rhyming together for over ten years, we really decided to do the group project "Guerrilla Warfare" while Mac was working on his sophomore solo effort. We both have the same spiritual philosophy so the message was consistent. We basically consist of two anarchist guerrillas fighting against the new world order armed with weapons of lyrical destruction. Vega X serves as the CEO of Planet X Records,and thus takes care of all the managerial decisions. Like organizing and facilitating collaborations, as well as contributing to the albums with rhymes. Macabean serves of VP of PXR, and heads up the production team, and contributes to G.A. projects with both beats (production) and rhymes. We are big on racial unity, and anti-racism being that I am Sicilian/Irish, and Mac's Puerto Rican. We sort of feel like, if we can have racial equality in our group and on our label why can't the rest of the world? This struggle against the new world order, and classism should unite us all.

What process do you go thru when you select beats for your songs?

VX: We look at a bunch of fire, and try to just pick whatever bangers will work best for us. We aren't too picky on the specific producer, as long as the beat is high quality and raw! It usually doesn't take long, I personally like more darker epic sounding beats, and mac like's grittier boom bap street beats, between us both we can find some middle ground.

Mac: Usually I produce most of the beats for GA's material, but sometimes it's good that we have another producer help us build our material, keeps them as hungry on exposing their talents.

Vega, you are part of LCOB.. any upcoming projects?

VX: I'm doing "The Witch Hammer" EP with my homie Amos, so that will be ready soon. Of course i have my solo LP on the way this fall which has some LCOB appearances and Wu Killa Bees, I did a few verses for ATMA and Masta Buildas, I mean LCOB Prod. is doing so many projects I am sure I will show up on several at this point, and hopefully more in the future.

What do you listen to these days?

VX: Ill Bill and DJ Muggs, Cypress Hill, Sick Jacken, Psycho Realm, Chino XL, Masta Buildas, The Lost Children of Babylon, Damian Marley, Dead Prez, Aztech & Kasper/Hybrid Thoughts, Ripshop, Oblivious, Stranga The Great, and Planet X Records

Mac: Same here.

Who do you want to work with?

VX: We got some crazy verses on our sophomore group LP we are planning to drop next spring, As for who else we'd like to build with, I think 9th Prince would be a good fit for us, Killah Priest's dark style I think is one of the best. Those are like the only Wu related heads we're interested in right now. We've done as much as we can on this next project to move away form the whole Wu style, we both feel like it's getting a little over saturated with all the internet "affiliates" popping up. I'd like to see Mac on a track with Tragedy someday, and there is definitely some other cats I think who are dope like Ill Bill, and Chino XL. I always wanted to build with Jah from Illuminati Congo and Masta Buildas, and we definitely want to do another song with Rook Da Rukus. There are many artists we would like to work with both underground, and more known.

Mac: Pretty much what VX said. Not to mention, wanting to keep building up with our PXR fam also. And yes, though their might be a selective choice of Emcee's we like to collaborate with, definetely we like to stray away from that Wu-Tangasm all these up-and-coming underground cats wanna ride themselves out with. There's nothing wrong with being a fan of the Wu, but when your trying to replicate their style, and you're using Unauthorized W's on your album covers and mixtapes, you gotta draw the line somewhere. Also to mention, emcees from the Golden era of hiphop ('88-'92) that these up-and-comers still wanna hook up today with, I say Let the past be the past ya'll, and lets stick to more relevent 'ish.

What can people expect from Guerrilla Warfare album? Where can people get it?

VX: They can expect hardcore hiphop, deep thoughts, raw rhymes, and a high dose of the truth, They can expect to get ready to unplug from the matrix, and wake up to see the real universe unfold before them.It's a revolutionary spiritual epic spanning from ancient history, to more modern human history. We developed a lot of themes from Che Guevera, other revolutionaries, as well as Directors like John Carrpenter, and Coppolla. We got our whole family on there, as well as Shabazz The Disciple, The Holocaust, Armageddon of Terror Squad, and Solomon Childs. Guerrilla Warfare is on itunes now, as well as cdbaby.com/guerrillaalliance, Ughh.com, Newbury Comics, and Bullmoose Music in New England, and coming to FYE soon!

How did the song with Shabazz The Disciple come together?

VX: I had been attempting to contact Shabazz for some time, and we were able to make it happen but pooling our resources together, Shabazz was a cool cat I helped him out with some recording problems he has having at the time.


You did work with Warcloud/Holocaust... could you comment on that?

VX: Yeah, I actually managed him for two months during the summer of 2007. He was a cool dude, mentored me a lot on the art of rhyming, and developing a style. We compensated him for that verse he gave us since he wasnt working at the time, a lot of people were trying to take advantage of him at the time, I never asked him for one free hand out. All of my business was straight forward, even people who paid him money for verses, I gave him 100% of the profit and never took a cut. I can't speak for his new manager though...The Holocaust is a legend, a lot of internet fan boys are popping up now trying to replicate him, and clone his style. But to me he remains one of the most original emcees, and innovative writes of all time.

With so many rappers in the game how are you planning to make noise and get noticed?

VX: We definitely have a good strategy in place here at Planet X Records. First and foremost we are going to make our company official, then launch an official website, We got a lot of shows, and tours planned, and are hoping to make it overseas to europe next year, and beyond. Mac and I are working on our sophomore effort "Empire of Fear", and we hope to have the 12" single out this winter featuring Canibus, and Chief Kamachi. I've been talking to some CEOs about getting Guerrilla Alliance distribution for future releases, and we even have some of our artists appearing in movies, and films, so it's safe to say we've done a lot more than others. That being said all of this is just a beginning warm up for us, and we still have a lot more we would like to do.

Mac: Not to mention we are planning on Merchandising soon also. Along with other services we can also cover.

What other projects are you working on? Any work with wu killa bees?

VX: Mac just released an exclusive free mix CD the other day we are taking donations for, which is up on spiritualhiphop.info, for the VX fans I got an EP and LP on the way, Guerrilla Alliance: Empire of Fear, our sophomore follow up LP should be out spring 2011, Mac has a solo LP he's working on. Plus several other releases from Planet X Records Praetorz (members) such as Kasper, Aztech, Hybrid Thoughts, Schizo Da Maddcapp and more. No projects with any wu killa bees planned right now, like I said Guerrilla Alliance is sort of moving away from the wu thing for the time being, who knows maybe on the next album GA3, we'll see, who knows but only time will tell. I might have a hook from a Wu Killa bees on my solo LP, other than then no big projects planned as of now.

Mac: Get that Free Mix ya'll! Buy the Guerrilla Warfare album! And if you can, Donate and help support PXR!


What is your ultimate goal in music?

VX: Besides spreading our message, and philosophy of promoting a resource based global economy, and all of the other spirituality we want people to open their minds up to and experience which I think is beyond music, we have reasonably humble music aspirations. If we can't get national, and European distribution for Planet X Records releases, which I think right now we have a good chance of doing from what i'm hearing...then we hope we can earn enough revenue off of PXR in order to maybe get our own CD presses, and distribute our music ourselves independently. It's a long way off right now, but not impossible.

Mac: No doubt, also in addition to our goals, it is to let people out there to be aware that there are a bunch of replicated devils out there trying to switch your perception of what is reality. Unplug yourselves from the Matrix you guys call a Computer, hop off of that 'Trace'book and into the real world. Not to mention don't let that Videodrome you guys call a TV confuse you on your role in life. This is what PXR's all about, straying away from the decay of replication, to the real life spiritual war going on today. A Ego can get bruised, a punch in the face hurts and Bullets can kill anything breathing, so don't think Home electronics can save your life, only you can. Peace to everyone staying strong and positive.


Vega X: C.E.O of Planet X Records and Guerrilla Alliance co-founder

GUERRILLA ALLIANCE: GUERRILLA WARFARE OUT NOW ON ITUNES, CDBABY.com/guerrillaalliance, UGHH.com, spiritualhiphop.info, newbury comics, bullmoose music AND MORE!