Q&A with Cappadonna of the wu-tang Clan (Interview by Examiner.com)

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Q&A with Cappadonna of the wu-tang Clan  by http://www.examiner.com/hip-hop-music-in-national/q-a-with-cappadonna-of-the-wu-tang-clan


Cappadonna, the official tenth member of the Wu-Tang Clan is quite the character. I’ve heard stories about Cappa mysteriously disappearing with strangers for hours at a time and returning just in time to rock shows with the Clan. A few years ago Cappa dipped from the rap world and drove a cab in the streets of Baltimore—not a glamorous gig for a rap star.

Cappadonna’s rhyme style mirrors his life. On Ghostface’s Wu Banga 101 Cap seemed out of place and off-beat alongside his Wu brethren, while on the wu-tang Clan’s The Jump Off he quietly spits fire:

“You might see me in a 6, that’s not my style/You might see me with a bitch that’s not my child/I’ll be in the Benzo, keep a low profile/Dead serious, takes flicks and don’t smile/Trying to get money, y’all cats are wild/I pose for the clothes, make a song like, wow/I’m a chip off the board game, got sword game/Live life to the fullest, still want more fame/Darts on layaway, beats on stand by/Outfits pressed up, ready for anti.”


Cappadonna is currently on the road headlining the Black Cloud tour for the month of March. Cappa is joined by Block McCloud, Kromeatose, King Magnetic, and GQ Nothin’ Pretty on the Black Cloud tour. Edo G and Sean Price are scheduled to perform on select dates.

I spoke with Cappadonna about some of his most famous verses, his latest album The Pilgrimage, the upcoming Wu-Block album, and about the Black Cloud tour.

SS: Why’d you name the album The Pilgrimage?

Cappadonna: I named the album The Pilgrimage because pilgrimage means journey. That’s the journey that I’ve been taking all of my life in Hip-Hop—even journey’s within journeys. In order to get something you never had you gotta do something you never did. Within that journey you meet people that get us to that next level; it might be a publicist, a manager or a producer. It’s not a whole project that I created myself. It’s about the all in all and all of the experiences that I’ve experienced in my life to get me to where I’m trying to get to--that’s what The Pilgrimage is about. It’s just like the yellow brick road, big boy! You got Toto and Dorothy and all of them. They was on that yellow brick road searching and searching. They all was searching for something, lord. Even when they got to the Wizard they find out that he ain’t even who he say he was! At the end of the day it helped him get home. They got home but they had to fight a couple of witches and a couple of flying monkeys and all of that, but in the end they got tighter with each other. They accomplished what they were trying to accomplish but what they found out was what they were searching for all of the while they already had inside of them all along.

SS: The Pilgrimage seemed to have more spiritual lyrics than your past rhymes. Why’d you decide to take that route for this album?

Cappadonna: Everything is based upon a spirit, man. Even the word, that’s why they say the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. In the beginning was the word, but then all of these things are in the word. That’s what gives you the feeling and that’s the spark of energy and the word that keeps everybody together. That’s why music is a universal language. They don’t even call it a sound all the time, they consider it a language. This is how I speak to the masses. Even the beat gets them sometimes. They can tell by the flow of the words if it’s aggressive, kind, or if there is a statement being made. They can almost feel within their spirit the message and the way it touches their soul. That’s why they say music soothes the soul of the savage beast in you. You just gotta find out what that is and what kind of frequency you’re on that’s going to be able to allow you to obtain that kind of ability to achieve that greater success, which is happiness.

SS: How’d you come up with the story for Cuban Link Kings?

Cappadonna: Cuban Link Kings is based upon a true story. The Cuban link chain represents the strength and unity of the brothers. It’s supposed to be the strongest link—the unbreakable chain. That’s the ideology and the foundation of the chain. The sexiest and most expensive elements was always the better choice and the better look for it. At the same time that link is the link that I’m using to get a hold of everybody, especially the young knuckleheads out there. We’re kings, we’ve been tight for so long in the eyes of the public and also with each other. We’ve been friends since kindergarten. That gives everybody a clear picture and a view of why we’re kings at being Cuban links. That’s the same energy that brought us together with Queens. I talk about Nas on there and Mobb Deep, we just went on a tour with them for a month recently tearing it down. After that we were out with Sheek Louch and them and we did something with them called Wu-Block. You see how the links keep connecting to each brother? We’re the kings of showing unity that’s why we’re those teachers and front-line generals that’s out there that’s chosen, tested, tried, and denied over esit

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Capp if it the Black Clouselectadonna:

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  • 3/06/MarchSpii
  • 3/7/MarchLid="mng NE p> Rye Roco @ BloubwhiT rotre g>
  • 3/09/MarchCahowh tWY - T r Venue g>
  • 3/10/MarchSaln Le toCf a,dUT - BfetDeluxe g>
  • 3/12/MarchAlbus/jsqtle-NM - Leo's Nlockhlub g>
  • 3/13/MarchEl Pas tTX p> TBA g>
  • 3/14/MarchPhoenix, AZ- TBA g>
  • 3/15/MarchPaseinppadCA - T r Terrche-me upG and Sean g>
  • 3/16/MarchSimpa AnpadCA - Mm ale't thingG and Sean g>
  • 3/19/MarchSsh Le toTahoeadCA - Mo's Pt of g>
  • 3/20/MarchS thehf NV - T r Ahemy g>
  • 3/22/MarchBozemang MT - T r Zebra Lounlgri g>
  • 3/25/MarchSioux F thhf SD p> Bounhe dBfet66365 BBQ g>
  • 3/28/MarchBerwyng IL - Tia maO'hS y"Ces g>
  • 3/29/MarchGre uRapidsALBU - Bst,y's Lounlgri g>
  • 3/30/MarchDena:icesBU - S r Anerew's g>
  • 3/31/MarchPhileinlphipadPA - Ta ony Bst,athe thingtour. g>
  • 4/01/MarchAsle ticoCf a,dNJ - LehGre uFppehe s. On jointour. g>
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