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Dark 7: Thanks very much for taking the time out to answer these questions. Please tell us how you hooked up with Don King?
U-God: That was a crazy situation, I don’t really want to tell you that or people will start copying me (laughing).

Dark 7: Your new album, Mr Xcitement is about to come out, What was the creative process like?
U-God: I did the album in three places, New York, Florida and Los Angeles so it was crazy. I made enough for 3 three albums of work.

Dark 7: What is like living in L.A?
U-God: I’m still in New York though LA is like my second home. I love LA, recorded part of the album and shot the video there.

Dark 7: What was it like working with the likes Of MC Eith, Binky and those westcoast Rappers?
U-God: Just like working with New York niggaz, they came in, did their jobs and mutherfuckin threw it down. Eiht is one of the fastest writing niggaz I’ve met in my life. He’s the King of LA.

Dark 7: There are updates online that The Wu-Tang Clans album is about 10 tracks deep without any vocals from you, Ghost or Cappadonna yet, is that true and when will you be laying your vocals down as we all know it is not a Wu-tang album without you?
U-God: Don’t believe everything you hear about Wu-Tang recording process or take everything you hear as the gospel truth. It blows my mind the amount of lies and propaganda that gets spread around. Plus if I hear a Wu track that ain’t the truth to me, I’m not trying to hear it. Much love for that last comment.

Dark 7: You released The Hillside Scramblers CD and a DVD some time back, will they be a follow up to the Hillside project?
U-God: We gonna see. I’d say most definitely I’ll be putting out a DVD next year. Right now, I’m all about the Mr Xcitement album.

Dark 7: You released this album under the moniker Ugodzilla? Please break down the meaning behind the name?
U-God: I’m a Beast when it comes to this music. Ugodz-illa stompin’ the Metro.

Dark 7: Your Protégé Leathaface has been around for a while and hes quite nice, can we expect anything from him soon?
U-God: Yes. Check him out on Mr Xcitement. Me and Face go way back. He’s lyrically dangerous and yet most people don’t know how dope a producer he is. He did the beats for half the record, basically. You should hear what I got in the vaults. Incredible. We’re working on his album now.

Dark 7: You had an EP out on Koch some time back called "Supanigga" What happened with that release? Was it supposed to be followed by an album or was it just an EP?
U-God: It wasn’t on Koch and it was actually just a 12inch deal on a small distributor called Landspeed. ‘Face murdered the WildStyle Superfreak track. Homocide did the beat. Check that 12inch out, it’s a collectors item.

Dark 7: Oh yes, Landspeed is what i meant, What can the fans expect from U-God, As in future projects and endeavours?
U-God: Not being afraid to push the envelop with this rap shit. Not being afraid to try something. People need to know I’m musically adventurous. I’m going to try new shit whether you like it or not. I let the Wu be the Wu when it comes to Wu-Tang albums but on solo albums I want to do what I want to do and try things I can’t do within the limits of Wu.

Dark 7: Do you log onto the net regularly? If so which sites do you visit?
U-God: I’m an analog brother still but my peeps got me into this whole myspace thing which has been a great way to hear directly from my real fans. Check it out a myspace.com/ugodzilla. I wish I had time to stay on it and answer everybody, the love has been rewarding.

Dark 7: Please check out www.wu-international.com from time to time when you have the time :-)
U-God: (Laughing) I’ll do that for a brother

Dark 7: Will you be planning any tour to promote your album, and will you be touring Europe?
U-God: All promoters reach out to me at myspace.com/ugodzilla. We’ve got dates planned but am continually looking for more shows. I’m heading to Switzerland right after this interview.

Dark 7: How do you view Europe in terms of Hiphop and touring over there against back home in US?
U-God: Europe has more energy and spirit at their shows. The US crowd more or less don’t want to get their clothes dirty or break a sweat. We played to huge festivals in Europe that’d blow you away. As far as HipHop, Europe tends to like that raw underground joints much more than the US.

Dark 7: Any last words to the fans?
U-God: Much love and support throughout the years thru all the ups and downs. Much blessin’ to all the families out there. Get money and have babies, multiply! All the support is much appreciated. Yea man.

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