Busta Rhymes tales about Raekwons upcoming project during allhiphop.com interview

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AllHipHop.com: You have recently sat into the producers seat working on Raekwons upcoming album, what made you want to venture into the area of producer and is this a move that you are planning on making permanently?

Busta Rhymes: I hopped on Raekwon’s project because Raekwon and Ghost to me, just put me on another level, musically - the whole Wu-Tang did. The always seemed on some other s**t to me, I have never seen a nine-man clique that all had solo deals on different labels, while being housed as a group under another one; that was unheard of back on the day until they did it first of all. Number two, their dynamic was so different from each other, it reminded you of the old school super-hero cartoons where each one had their own intro, I mean Wu is like that they have their own swagger and that is just unbelievable to me. They whole movement was historic and no one has done it like they have done it. I told Raekwon that he didn’t need to make another album he needed to make another movie because Cuban Linx played like a movie, that whole album from the packaging to the color of the tape was classic. So I just hollered at him and told him he needed to recapture that. But honestly, I feel like I just sparked the energy and I am there for moral support. I mean I heard hot beats that I couldn’t use and I felt was right for him I slid them to him and we just worked like that. But as far as beats and all that, he and RZA have teamed up and created some sh*t that made my eyes water yo. Like on some emotional s**t, I may be a little biased but this album is going to be some fire.

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