Juelz Santana interview: talks about the wu

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It seems like the Diplomats have definitely learned a lot from watching Wu-Tang…

Maybe its just embedded in us as individuals, but its not like we were all watching Wu-Tang back in the day saying "this is how were going to be when we get older." Im sure we all knew who Wu-Tang was individually, because they were the shit. I would compare us to Wu-Tang as far as our movement, where you have niggas that are stars in our group and the others are destined to be. Its all about that consistency, being out there, and reinventing yourself.
Were not structured like Wu-Tang. I think in a sense of our individuality were alike because we all stand together. We can go solo and come together in full force. You had all the solo albums and then youre wondering when the Wu-Tang album is like that. Its like that with us. You got the Cam album, the Juelz album, the Diplomat album...in a lot of crews, you just have that one head dude and thats how you pretty much know everybody else.

And Im working with Ghost now. Im taking that real seriously right now. That song is going to be a problem because I looked up to Ghost coming up. I got no choice but to come at that the right way.
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